4th Amendment Overturned By The Court, And Soon The Second Amendment

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The adage about cooking frogs slowly got another proof text in Indiana recently.

In a ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court,  a slim majority found that a police officer could enter into anyone’s home for no reason at all and should the owner attempt to deny access,  they would be guilty of a crime. According to the majority opinion,  resisting an officer would needlessly result in the risk of harm to all parties.

In the particular case that drove the ruling,  a husband and wife were having an argument outside their home and when the police arrived they went back indoors.   When the homeowner told the police officer their assistance was not needed and blocked his doorway,  the officer forced his way in without a warrant.   After the homeowner shoved the attacking officer against the wall to stop further entry a second police officer then fired his stun gun at the homeowner.  ( 1 )

Think about the situation.   No blood,  no visible violence, no complainant …  just a man and woman arguing in public.    On the basis of nothing more than this, several hundred years of civil rights going back to England’s Magna Carter were thrown into the garbage can.

Now think about your neighborhood and your home.    Let’s says some paranoid gun nut from the Brady Center just happens to live next door.  And let’s say this busy-body just happens to decide they don’t like the fact that you have firearms.   Would it be that hard to imagine your nosey neighbor taking it upon themselves to find some excuse to call the police and report some kind of suspicious activity in your home?  Maybe they see you cleaning your guns in your garage and call to report someone ” brandishing ”  a firearm?   So police arrive to investigate and see you go inside your house.  They kick in the door.  And legally can do nothing about it.

Given the current political climate,  and given the Supreme Court’s ruling that their actions are merely reasonable steps to “reduce the risks of injuries” to all parties,  how hard would it be for the police to then just confiscate all your guns for your own safety?   Care to guess what happens to firearms confiscated for your own protection?  Care to guess how many hoops you would have to jump through to get your guns back?   Care to guess how much it might cost you in attorney fees to get your guns back?

Think your neighbors are beyond something like this?   Think the police are beyond something like this?

Well,  let’s remind you of some recent activities by the Police Dept in Palo Alto.  April 12 2007,  it was reported that the Police Dept. put up an advertisement on a jumbo-tron sized video billboard over Highway 101 encouraging people to “report people with guns”.   And that’s not all…. they were offering rewards for those that made the reports   ( 2 )

And then there’s the Palo Alto cop advocating shooting gun rights advocates on his Facebook page( 3 )

Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s acquisition of power in the 1930’s   our plainly worded Constitutional rights have been under constant assault.   Bit by bit,  the  Nationalist-Socialist mindset of the Progressive elite have been undermining our fundamental rights.  Twisting the meaning of words.  Creating governmental powers no where before found in the Constitution.  Always claiming what they do is for your own ” safety ”  or merely a “reasonable ” expedient.  Chipping away at everything our founding fathers suffered, bled and died for.

Their primary target has always been the greatest bulwark of liberty,  the right to keep and bear arms.    These bastards know that Mao was right when he said power proceeds from the barrel of a gun.    And our founding fathers knew it too.  That’s why they made sure the right to a gun was included in our Bill of Rights.

Well turn-about is fair play.   If the goose-stepping paranoid gun nuts of gun control can destroy our Second Amendment rights by slow heating,  we shouldn’t be afraid of doing the same to defend the Second Amendment.    Something tells me however,  that it would be much more pleasurable to have the water at full boil before throwing some of them into the pot.

(  1  )  ” Court: No Right to Resist Illegal Cop Entry Into Home”,  By Dan Carden  NSI.com  May 13 2011 http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/article_ec169697-a19e-525f-a532-81b3df229697.html

(  2  )    ”  ALERT:  East Palo Alto Police Are Paying People to Give Them Information on Gun Owners”  by Mark Towber   see posting on  Golden State Second Amendment website.    Actions Section.   http://www.gs2ac.com/actions1.html

(  3 )  “Gun Rights Advocates Target California Detective Following Facebook Posts”  by Joshua Rhett Miller  Fox News Monday  Feb 15 2010


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