A Nutcase’s Prediction And Others That Should Be

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Recently,  one Harold Camping predicted the day and hour of the return of Christ and the end of the world.   And as would be expected,  his prediction came and left without the rapture of the saints.

For those not familiar with Mr Camping,  he is a preacher who claims the Christian faith but who seems to have ignored numerous sections of the Bible.     Specifically,  let us point out Matthew 24 verse  36 where Christ proclaims that only God the Father knows when the world will end….. and no one else… no man,  no angel and not even Christ himself.

The fact that this individual claims powers that Christ denied himself should be enough evidence for any Christian to dismiss his claims as that of a fraud.   But even ignoring that,  there were several other strong indicators that even Mr Camping wasn’t serious about his prediction.   First of all,  this was not the first time he had predicted the world and been wrong.  Most recently in 1992 he made a similar claim.  (  1 )   Second,  we note that  Mr Camping carefully avoided divesting himself of all his worldly goods prior to May 21st.    Finally,  one does not schedule appointments on days that are supposed to follow the end of the world.

Mr Camping is ridiculed as a nutcase…… and rightly so.   Frankly speaking,  we can only hope that Mr Camping finds the ethics to reimburse all of those followers who took his prediction to heart and gave up all their possessions.

But if Harold Camping can be considered a nut case for predictions that never come true,  why is it that the media fails to treat gun control advocates with the same disdain and ridicule ?

For example,  not too long ago Florida and Texas passed legislation to remove restrictions on gun ownership and concealed weapons.

What were the predictions?  Every anti-gun group in the nation began ranting and raving about streets filled with blood.   Communities were going to be turned into wild west shooting galleries.   Thousands would die.

What was the result?   Errrrr…..  gun violence declined.

And logically so.   Let’s face facts:  Criminals prey on those who are easy targets.  Criminals are cowards.  They prey on the weak.   If you want to embolden a criminal,  make it easier for him to ply his trade.  And if you want to make him stop,  the first thing is to make sure he knows he never knows who might shoot him.    As Dr. Lott so famously said: ” More guns equal less crime “.

And if liberalizing gun laws makes society safer,  it naturally follows that increasing levels of gun control make it more dangerous.  Consider the issue of those who advocate imposing gun-free zones at schools.  Columbine and Virginia Tech, are two instances that come to mind.  In both cases,  the students and faculty were lured into believing they would be  safe inside their pristine gun free  environment.   In both cases the students and faculty were led to believe that they could rely on the local police and security personnel to defend them.  And in both cases these assumptions failed completely and dozens were slaughtered.    The cowardly animals that went out to shoot up the campuses knew they would have the upper hand.   They were emboldened by the fact that they would be facing an unarmed populace.  And I submit that the case of Virginia Tech is an especially disgusting proof text.   At Virginia Tech the university police KNEW there was an armed shooter on campus who had already killed two students and they DID NOTHING for two hours.   They never even informed the students to evacuate the campus.  ( 2 )

The bottom line is this:   If you are a nutcase for making wild predictions about the end of the world….why don’t we dismiss gun control advocates the same way?   The predictions by  gun control advocates are always wrong.  Worse still, every time their proposals are adopted the innocent pay with their lives.

But then again,  maybe we shouldn’t be calling gun control advocates crazy.   Maybe we need to be calling them negligent….. and criminally so.

( 1 ) “Preacher Harold Camping Gets Doomsday Prediction Wrong Again”  Fox News  May 21 2011           http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/05/21/preacher-harold-camping-gets-doomsday-prediction-wrong/

( 2 ) “The Virginia Tech Review Panel Report August 2007 Chptr 3, Timeline of events. Pgs 25 -27 http://www.vtreviewpanel.org/report/report/10_CHAPTER_III.pdf

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