The Brady Center: Hypocrisy as an organizing principle

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The organizing principle of any organization will determine it’s actions.

And  in the case of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence,  it’s fraudulent underpinnings are forever on display in everything it does and expounds.

Pick anything the Brady Center posits,  peel back the layers of high sounding platitudes, and one will always find hypocrisy, lies and willful distortions.

Take for instance, something they call ” crime guns “.

Crime Guns are prejudicial code words the Brady Center fabricated to encourage the weak of mind to yield to their propositions.    Now we all know what guns are.   And we all know what crimes are.   But exactly what is a “crime gun”?  Are these sinister pistols that have magically sprouted legs and now roam the streets of our cities in the dark of night randomly threatening the lives of citizens?    Are these rifles possessed of some demon that turn the bearer into a murderous sniper once they are touched?

Well, in reality,  a crime gun is any gun that might be used in a crime.

Now the Brady Center does not want you to know that’s what they mean. They just want you to blindly accept these prejudicial code words so that no matter when they use them you will accept everything that follows as ” reasonable “. After all,  who would be against anything that stops “crime”.  So how could you resist anything that is supposed to put and end to “crime guns”?

And this is exactly the dynamic that the Brady Center has put in motion.

Remember…. a crime gun is any gun that might be used in a crime.   That means that from the minute a firearm leaves the assembly line to the time it is used in a crime,  anyone who has been in the chain of ownership is party to that crime.

And for the Brady Center that means you and I are liable to be treated as criminals regardless of how long ago our name might be linked to that weapon.

Think I am joking?

Go to the Brady Center website  and there you will find them proudly touting their second lawsuit against Badger Guns in  Wisconsin,  filed in December 2010. A similar suit was filed in 2007.  In this case a firearm purchased from Badger Guns was linked to a shooting involving two police officers.  According to the Brady Center,  this was an illegal straw purchase to a “drug using gang member “.  ( 1 )  The gun dealer should have known the person was a criminal and that this was a straw purchase.  And this of course meant the gun dealer was liable for damages to the officers.

So why focus on Badger Guns?   Well,  it appears that Badger Guns is on a list. A list of gun dealers whose sales have eventually been traced back from a crime.   And in Badger’s case,  over 500 such traces have been performed.  According to some sources this puts them in the top ten for traces nationwide.  ( 2 )

Now mind you,  Badger Guns sells thousands of guns each year. Conveniently, the the Brady Center never bothers to indicate how many of these traced guns were sold directly to the criminals,  as compared to being re-sold to others ,  stolen  etc.    No,  it’s good enough that Badger Guns was just involved.

Note also that the Brady Center never brings lawsuits against the criminal using the gun….. or the owner just prior to criminal use.   They only sue gun stores  while claiming they have no intention of shutting down the gun stores.

Why is this important?   This is nothing more than predatory litigation designed to either drive the gun store out of business financially or create such a climate of fear that gun dealers will go out of business voluntarily.  Eventually this will mean that law abiding citizens will no longer have a means to buy a firearm.   And the Second Amendment will effectively have been destroyed.

How do I know this is true?   If Badger Guns or any of it’s affiliated gun businesses were so bad,  why didn’t the BATFE simply yank their license?

Think about it.  In the last decade the BATFE has pulled the licenses of over 1/3rd the FFL holders in the US.   Often for “gross violations”  such as failing to have specific warning signs on the wall or having typing errors on the transaction documents.  And these typing errors have been  as serious as using an abbreviation such as Nev.  instead of Nevada.  If Badger Guns was so bad why didn’t they just pull the license?

No,  the Brady Center’s claim that this is about reducing crime is a lie.  It is pure politics.    Worse still, it is politics driven by the desire to destroy our fundamental right to keep and bear arms.   Oh,  they might not be trying to pry the gun out of your hands today.  But by destroying the means of acquiring a firearm,  they accomplish the same thing.   And they know it.

Don’t believe me?    Have you heard about the BATFE and their ” Fast and Furious Project”?   It seems the BATFE  actively ENCOURAGED gun dealers to engage in straw purchase transactions to known Mexican drug cartel members.   Result?   A dead Border Patrol Agent. ( 3 )

Has the Brady Center brought lawsuits against the BATFE for enabling this trafficking of ” CRIME GUNS ” ?  Have they publicly denounced the BATFE?  Have they demanded a criminal investigation of the BATFE?  Nope… not a peep.

Apparently for the Brady Center,  if the government intentionally enables “crime guns”,  that’s ok.  But for the rest of us, well… there’s a different standard.

I will say this for the Brady Center…. they are consistent.     Consistent in their attempt to destroy the Second Amendment by any means necessary.

And true to their core organizing principle….. hypocrisy.

( 1 )  “Wounded Police Officers File Suit Against Number One Crime Gun Dealer in America.  ”  12  6 2010

( 2 ) “A  Gun Store Comes Under Fire ” , Joe Barrett  Wall Street Journal On Line  Dec 28 2010

( 3 ) “Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico “ATF agent says “Fast and Furious” program let guns “walk” into hands of Mexican drug cartels with aim of tracking and breaking a big case  By Sharyl Attkisson CBS News  3 3 2011

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