An Unexpected Proof Text For The Second Amendment

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Politics makes strange bedfellows.

And in this the world of  2011,  things are getting stranger by the minute.

When our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment,  they also gave us ample evidence that one of the reasons they did so was to make sure that the people of the United States could defend themselves against an out of control government.

Of course, the opponents of the Second Amendment always  poo poo that idea.   According to them,  you would have to be paranoid to think that our government can’t be trusted.  You would  have to be looney to think that our government might overstep it’s boundaries to the detriment of our freedoms.   The US government would never use their authority to undermine our rights.   There’s no need to fear Uncle Sam.

Well,  I beg to differ.

Within the last MONTH we have both the Supreme Court of Indiana  and the Supreme Court of the United States passing down rulings that gave the police the right to void the 4th Amendment protection for the people to be  “…. secure in their persons,  houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures…. “.  In Indiana the ruling was based on the notion that giving the police the right to enter your home without a warrant was for the ” safety ” of all interested parties.   ( 1 )    And in Kentucky v King,  the US Supreme Court ruled that as long as police officers make their “request” to enter a home ” after exigent circumstances ” have occurred,  they can enter as they please  ( 2 )

The fact of the matter is that the trend in this nation is for the last  80 years has been toward increasing government power and decreasing respect for constitutional liberties.   And the spectrum covers the everything from the mundane to the fundamental……Government mandated choices regarding light bulbs,  washing machines,  taxes,  health care…. and now the voiding of the 4th Amendment.

And this is where I have to swallow my pride and turn to the Arab world for the current day proof text that validates our Second Amendment freedoms.   Syria,   long governed by a violent,  repressive dictatorial regime is now in the throws of a broad based revolution by it’s people.   And in Syria gun control is the law of the land.   So what do the Syrian people do to defend themselves?    They go to Lebanon and get guns on the black market to fight for their lives.  (  3 )

Now please understand;   I  believe that the revolt in Syria has the fingerprints of radical Islam all over it.  And I would like nothing better than to see the Muslim world collapse in an orgy of suicidal violence.

But the fact remains:   The first,  best line of defense that a free people have against a tyrannical government is the right to keep and bear arms.    And the violence in Syria shows what can happen if the citizenry have guns with which to defend themselves.

The explosion of illegal arms sales between  the gun dealers in Lebanon and the people of Syria are a proof text of why we need the Second Amendment……….  and why those who support gun control are the enemies of freedom.

( 1 )   ” Court: No Right to Resist Illegal Cop Entry Into Home”,  By Dan Carden  May 13 2011

( 2 )   Kentucky v King:   US Supreme Court   No. 09-1272

( 3 )   “As Arab Spring Continues,  Black Markets Boom ”  Mona Alami   Aljazeera   14 May 2011

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