Interesting way to reduce gun violence

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A police department and a county prosecutor have put their heads together and came up with an interesting way to reduce gun violence.  They are concentrating on the people who are illegally using weapons to commit crimes.

People with guns were involved in 62% of all Ohio homicides in 2009. Additionally, 41% of robberies and 24% of all aggravated assaults were made by people illegally using guns.

The latest figures that are available are fro the year 2009.

The medical costs for crimes that are committed using a firearm are high at $37 million.  The taxpayer pay for about one half of these costs as the criminals usually do not have medical insurance.  Even if they did, getting treated for a gunshot would while you were committing a robbery probably wouldn’t be covered anyway.

Columbus police and Franklin County prosecutors agreed that shrinking the gun violence can be accomplished by concentrating on criminals who use the weapons illegally.

No new gun laws are needed.  In fact, just the most elementary of laws are more than enough.

A gun unit was created to make prosecuting gun-possession cases easier.

Even the Ohio State University became involved at this unique approach.  An associated professor there is trying to convince the community to start a program called CeaseFire.  This program reduces gun violence by working on the culture in rough and tough neighborhoods.

We should push legislators in California to adopt this method of reducing gun violence.  Too often the gun charges are bargained away by prosecutors.

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