Now We Know Why The Dept. Of Education Bought Shotguns

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Join me as we waltz down memory lane.

It’s March of 2010.   Our very own Barak Obama was busily packing various government agencies with fellow Stalinists…. Ooops…I’m sorry….. I mean ” Progressives ”  to help him move his agenda forward.

And some very alert souls noticed something very strange.    Purchase orders from the Department of Education to buy short barreled shotguns…… the kind commonly used by police forces and SWAT teams.     ( 1 )

Now one might understand the Dept of Education buying books on shotguns.   You might imagine them ordering educational materials for people considering job training as gun smiths.  And you might not think too much of it if they were ordering training videos about how to shoot sporting clays or skeet.

But you have to scratch your head about why they would need to buy them.   Fast forward to June 2011 and we find the answer..

We hear the story of a single father living in Sacramento awakened at 6AM by the noise of 15 men dressed like SWAT team members breaking down his front door while his three children slept.   The man is knocked down, handcuffed and locked in the back of a police vehicle for 6 hours while the men interrogate his children.  ( 2 )

Now a rational person would assume that the man in question must have done something very serious to warrant such treatment.   Maybe murderer,  rape,  or Paedophilia.

In fact,  the man was guilty of nothing  except being the estranged husband of a woman who was under investigation by the Dept of Education for fraud.   And the men armed and dressed like a SWAT assault team were actually enforcement officers working for the Dept of Education’s   Office of the Inspector General ( OIG )  who were there to ” serve  a  warrant ”  as part of some kind of criminal investigation involving the man’s ex-wife.

We are all well aware of the excesses the American people have been subjected to at the hands of the BATFE.

Now the American people have another rogue agency to be concerned with….. the Dept of Education.

It should be noted that the Dept of Education does not actually run the raids themselves.  No, instead they call on the OIG ,  a “semi-independent ”  branch of the Dept of Education ,  that exists to execute warrants for offenses such as student aid fraud.

So what’s next?   Will the Library of Congress need to buy shotguns  to go after all those people with overdue books?    Will the Dept of the Interior need shotguns so they can go after all those people who litter in our parks?   Or how about the EPA.  Will they need shotguns to enforce those new C02 regulations against all of us who have charcoal BBQ’s?

This absurdity is all part of a larger picture that is increasingly ugly.   An ever expanding government with a voracious appetite for power and a socio-pathic mentality where Constitutional liberties are concerned.  In a recent post I noted the damage being done by the Courts in regard to our 4th Amendment protections against  unlawful searches and seizures.  Now we have book worms creating their own SWAT teams and, emboldened by these recent court decisions,  appear very willing to unleash them on the people.

Ladies and Gentlemen,  this kind of abuse has got to stop.  Government is careening out of control.  Our liberties are at risk.  If government will not voluntarily rein itself in….. the people will have to bring them to heel .

Just one more proof text for why we need the Second Amendment.

(1 )   ” Why does Department of Education need 12-gauge shotguns?” By Dave Workman, Seattle Gun Rights Examiner March 10, 2010 1:37 pm PT

( 2 )    Questions surround feds’ raid of Stockton home   By C. Johnson and Leigh Palmer NEWS10 KXTV 8:42 PM, Jun 8, 2011

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