What Gun Owners Know: More Liberal Means Less Free

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We are told that the social revolutions of the 1960’s were all about freedom and love.   That the social and political order was repressive.  And in the words of Jane Fonda,   that the solution was to ” tear society down”. And in it’s place,  the 60’s generation was to give us a new world…. a new Liberal world.  A worldview built on catch-phrases like ” victimless crimes “,  ” minority rights “,  ” diversity ” ,  ” tolerance ”  and  ” a woman’s right to choose “.

And now, after a half  century of repeatedly regurgitating those fluffy platitudes to justify their actions,  what can we say about the world that our Liberal revolutionaries have wrought?   What fruit has that mindset brought to bear?  What has been the end result of this great age of indulgence?    

Sexual “freedom”  has given us a population  polluted with innumerable diseases including AIDS and made a mockery of the concept of marriage and family.    ” A woman’s right to choose ”  has  left us with millions of innocent dead babies and children de-stablized by the knowledge that if mommy killed their brother,  they may be next.   “Tolerance” has given us a nation incapable of saying no to anything that is bad while castigating all that is good.   “Diversity”  has given us discrimination against people who do not have the right kind of diversity .  “Victimless crimes”  have given us an explosion of drug use, sexual deviancy  and the health problems associated with them.  In sum,  the enfeebling of almost every fundamental structure that holds a society together.

I am not alone in this assessment.  In a recent article surveying each of the 50 states,  those states categorized most Liberal were also the least free. ( 1 )   This article noted that states like New York and California have the most oppressive labyrinth of laws and regulations governing their citizens.   Confiscatory taxes, zoning ordinances, land use regulations, business regulations, employer restrictions, smoking ,  spanking and of course firearms ownership.

And most gun owners understand this.  The Liberal/Progressive rhetoric about freedom is just an excuse to arrive at the most Stalinist behavior possible.   For the Liberal / Progressive,  freedom does not mean freedom…. it means anarchy.  And it changes the meaning of freedom for a very specific reason:  Liberal / Progressive rhetoric encourages compromise so that the fundamental structures of society can be more easily tossed aside.

Most gun owners know that the natural outgrowth of  a society where people are encouraged to abandon self control,  is the growth of government control.   Most gun owners know that those societies that abandon self control end up embracing government tyranny.   Power does not exist in a vacuum.  If the control of human interaction ceases to be a matter of personal morality, ethics and self-control,  people are then forced to turn to the  government to control personal behavior.    And once those in power find themselves able to play God,  they find the power an addictive and corruptible drug.

The natural outgrowth of the Liberal mindset is tyranny.   It is inescapable. This is why gun owners must continue to be on the alert to those  well-meaning Progressives and their intentions.  It is also why we must steel ourselves to the battle at hand.   Be strong and of good courage.  Right is on our side.

Remember this is a battle of mindsets and belief systems.   And the Liberal / Progressive mindset has Stalin and Hitler written all over it.

( 1 )    ” Land of the Free?  New York and California Come Out at The Bottom of Individual Freedom Study “.   by  Mark Duell,  The Mail On-Line.  June 15 2011.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2003910/New-York-New-Jersey-California-come-individual-freedoms-study.html

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