Monkey See, Monkey Do….. Seattle’s version of the BATFE’s Fast and Furious Program

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When I was a kid,  mom had a favorite saying;   ” Monkey see…. monkey do”.

What she meant was that kids tend to mimic the behavior they see.   And they do so because they just don’t have the good common sense to do otherwise.    Kids are gullible and easily lead.  They do stupid things because, they just don’t know any better.

Now what mom said was true.   But I never expected to see the day where police officers would be a proof text for mom’s saying.   Then the Seattle Police Department  stepped up to the plate.

I hope that everyone is very well aware of our marginally presidential Commander in Chief and his BATFE’s project Fast and Furious. For those not familiar with it,  the agency tasked with controlling illegal gun trafficking actually encouraged illegal gun sales to violent Mexican drug cartels.  And for those not familiar with it,   Obama then went to Mexico to ceremoniously don sack-cloth and beat his chest bemoaning the need for more gun control to stop the flow of guns from evil America to poor little Mexico.   Strangely,   the man so deeply concerned with gun deaths in Mexico did not seem to bat an eye when a US law enforcement officer was shot and killed by one of Obama’s black guns.

As smarmy,  conniving and incompetent as our President is,  there are actually people in this nation who are even worse.   And I point specifically to certain members of the Seattle Washington Police Department.

El Presidente’s program to put guns in the hands of criminals involved getting them to buy the guns.  In Seattle,  certain police officers decided to go Obama one step further and actually give them away to criminals.    You see,  recently police officers  decided to simply leave a loaded,  AR 15 with it’s sniper scope on the trunk of their cruiser  ( 1 )

Fortunately,  some adults entered into the picture and took control of the situation before one of Obama’s cartel friends  could get the gun and shoot someone.    Mind you,  negligent handling and storage of firearms by police officers is not limited to Seattle’s finest.  (  3 )

Let us put this in perspective.

In California,  if a regular citizen left a gun where someone could get to it INSIDE their home,  they could be guilty of a crime and be sentenced to serve jail time.    And as recently as 1997,  gun control activists were pushing a similar law to cover Seattle Washington.  ( 2 )  Apparently this standard does not apply to police officers.

I should admit that I am stretching things when I suggest that these officers intended to leave the rifle out for others to simply take it.    But the bottom line is that those who support gun control always insist that police officers have the training and expertise that make them superior to the rest of us……….  so superior that we regular schlubs have no business having firearms.  Gun control activists believe that the police can be trusted.  They believe the rest of us can not.

What this example shows is that this assumption is not true.   All the training and expertise in the world does not make you better.   The world is full of highly educated dunces with pedigrees from our finest universities.   There is no substitute for common sense.

Which is why I guess we are asking for a lot when we expect common sense from a gun control advocate.

( 1)  “Seattle Police Leave Rifle Unattended on Cruiser“. AP Tues, Jun 28, 2011

( 2 )  ” I-676 Opponents Tout Gun-Storage Law… Initiate Backers Call Promise of Legislation a Ruse ”  by Barbara A Serrano,  Seattle Times    Oct 29 1997

( 3 )   ” Hunt Continues for Stolen Sheriff Weapons,  Second Theft Reported “,  By Robert Salonga Contra Costa Times  01/07/2009

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