What don’t those criminals understand about the word “No”?

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It is shocking…… truly shocking.

And wholly unexpected.  I just don’t understand how to explain it.

We pass a bunch of laws and some people in this country just don’t seem to want to play along !

I am referring specifically to the laws recently passed that make it illegal to have a gun within 1,000 feet of a school.

The legislators and goofballs in the gun control community who proposed these laws, sold them on the grounds that if we just had another law,  the criminals would finally obey and we would never see a school shooting again.

Well the dopes who lead this campaign have been strangely silent about three recent violations of 1,000 foot restrictions in Los Angeles.  In January of this year a police officer was shot while sitting his car on the street next to a school. ( 1 )  This was only one day after two students were shot on another campus across town ( 2 )  Then in May gunfire erupted across the street from another LA school.  ( 3 )

The stupidity of these laws is evident by the statements of the school authorities about these incidents.  In one case, William Modzeleski,  the head the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, claimed the problem is that we need more snitches among students in schools.   “More and more, what we’re seeing with these shootings, there’s often a disconnect between students and adults,” he said. “There’s a need to understand kids and their motivation to attack this problem.”     Another bright bulb, Mr Ken Trump who is  president of consulting firm National School Safety and Security Services,  indicated that the real solution is random searches of students,  even when they are off campus on buses.

The only bit of sanity in any of these reports of shootings on or near campuses was tucked away in one article where the security officials admitted it was almost impossible to completely prevent students from bringing guns onto school campuses.   Uhhhhh… Duh!

Gun free zones around schools are nothing more than a schoolyard game of ” I dare you”.    And they suffer from same weaknesses of any line drawn in the sand.   We’ve all seen this before.  One  kid draws a line on the ground daring the other to step over it.   When the other kid steps over the line,  the first kid can’t do anything but draw another line in the ground and hope he doesn’t call his bluff a second time.

The only people impacted by these laws are the law abiding gun owners who inadvertently run afoul of them and who have something to lose.   When that happens, every Inspector Clouseau getting a government paycheck leaps into action to make an example of the perp in the hope of forcing them to hand over their possessions.

I would suggest we pass a law making it illegal to be stupid,  but I just don’t think anyone in the gun control community would obey ……just like the criminals who don’t obey gun laws.   Maybe the solution is mandatory jail time for both.    Society would be both safer….and more rational.

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