Two Suggestions for Using Tree Stands While Hunting

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Please do not try what Dan Keith Hindenach did while hunting.  He set up a tree stand and perched himself to await some deer.

This was not a problem.  What he did not do and what he did ended his hunting trip and also his life.

His first mistake was not using a restraint system when he was high up in the stand.  He managed to lose balance (more on this later) and fall to the ground.

Someone found him and called 911.  However, once medical help arrived, the only thing they could do was pronounce him dead.

If you are using a tree stand  or even a platform for hunting, get a hunting harness.  Get the kind that has an attachment point in the back so you can tie it to a fixed point in the tree.

If you fall, you want to be facing down.  If you tie off in the front, you could very well strain of even break your back.

Do not ever try to tie a rope around your body as many people have died using that foolish method.  Buy a good hunting harness.

Just go down to your favorite outfitters, Like Kerley’s and have them fix you up with one.  I did a quick search on the internet and found harnesses from $15 to $196.

Make sure you get what is called a 3-point harness.  It will provide more support, so if you fall, it will not hurt as bad.

Every time you go hunting, check the harness and support rope for fraying and wear before you leave for your trip.  Follow the manufacturer’s directions for putting it on.

Make sure your rope or web tether is securely tied off to the tree that will support a horse.  If you fall, you will definitely need the support.

Do not tie it to the tree stand.  It the stand collapses and falls, I guarantee you will have a bad day.

His second mistake was indulging in some adult beverages while hunting in the tree stand.  Consuming alcoholic drinks and drugs is against the law.  Don’t even try to use the “medical marijuana” while hunting – it is illegal.  It is a federal crime to use it and even buy a firearm.

Besides being unsafe, you could kill someone or yourself.  If you must celebrate and party, do it after you put your hunting firearms away and get back to a safe place.

Remember the lack of a harness while hunting in a tree stand could be the last mistake you ever do.  At the very least, it could ruin your day.  And don’t ever drink or do drugs that can impair your vision or thinking while hunting.  Save the drinking when you return to the lodge or cabin.

It is unfortunate that Dan didn’t act responsibly or else he could have had many more enjoyable hunting experiences.

Picture: Gorilla Inc G30 Safety Harness

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