If Good Judgement is Balance and Proportion….Then Gun Control is Insanity

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In the Navy we officers were told  that  good judgement was an important measurement of our abilities.    And good judgement was defined as a sense of  “balance and proportion”.      So the idea of  steaming full speed ahead in the harbor so you could impress the locals with the ” skid-turn docking maneuver ” was generally not well received.    ( As was slipping a whoopee cushion on to the Captain’s Bridge Chair  I might add .)

With good judgement being of such high value in the Navy,  those most strong in that area  were the ones that often advanced to the Captaincy.     For the sake of the ship and crew…..no one was going to be allowed to make decisions about others unless they had consistently demonstrated a strong sense of  balance and proportion.

Unfortunately,  the rules regarding  good judgement  are not often forced upon those who legislate in the civilian world.   This is especially true where gun control is concerned.

Take for instance, the case of a 10 year old boy who bit his  piece of pizza in such a way that it ended up looking like a pistol. ( 1 ) His artful chewing and proud display of his pepperoni pop gun to his fellow students earned him banishment to the “silent lunch” table .   According to school administrators,  his display was “threatening” to the other students.    Worse still,  the boy was warned if he ever  chewed his food to look like a gun again he would be suspended.   In other states  students have been suspended for  drawing pictures of guns,  wearing shirts with pictures of guns and even  pens with the logo’s of firearm manufacturers.

Then we have the case of the “adult” journalist in Knoxville Tennessee worried that if people were allowed to carry firearms openly,  it would turn the city into another  Dodge City.   (2 )   While deftly avoiding to provide any statistics about the people   committing crimes with firearms (  eg:  juvenile gang members,  drug dealers  etc )   she notes that…..” Tennessee is second only to Washington, D.C., when it comes to gun violence. And Tennessee is the worst in the nation for victims of aggravated assaults with firearms and fifth worst in robberies.”  Even more interestingly,  she later  asks,  “Why does someone need a gun to take their child to school?  ”   We will ignore the fact that  6 days later  she got her answer  when there was  ANOTHER  shooting in the gun-free zone called  Virginia Tech.

And let’s not forget that shining tower of institutional wisdom,  the TSA.   Recently a woman trying to board a flight was detained because her purse had an image of a gun it.   She was detained while they examined the image.   Then after conclusively determining that it was just an image,  they forced her to check the purse in as luggage rather than carry it on the plane with her. ( 3)     Huh?

None of these is an example of  balance and proportion…. let alone good judgement.   And yet this is exactly the mentality that consumes the paranoid gun nuts in the gun control movement.  The guiding principle of their lives is irrationality bordering on the hysterical.    And sadly,  it also consumes far too many of those who occupy positions of authority in society.

Beginning in 1932,  when our first Communist president  Franklin Delano Roosevelt,  used prohibition era gang violence to initiate the beginning of gun control in America , all the way to today,  every effort to undermine the right to self defense and the Second Amendment has been predicated upon  some violent event.

And  every step has lead to increasing levels of insanity such I have already described.

We now live in a nation where the emotionally unstable and mentally challenged have created a climate of fear  that castigates firearms and firearm owners.     And never once do we see these very same people taking responsibility for their actions and patrolling their gun-free zones that criminals and cowards thrive within.    No… they are too busy plotting the next  gun control ordinance from behind the gated communities they live within.    Mustn’t get their fingers dirty with the job of actually facing criminals  or taking  responsibility for the vulnerability they have created.

The fact of the matter is that  crime goes down  when the balance of power is in the hands of law abiding citizens.   Criminals prey on people they know are vulnerable.   Gun control gives criminals the balance of power.

If we are going to bring the balance of power in society back into the hands of the citizenry,   we must begin  with a change in the public perception of firearms…. and the irrational vermin that promote the violence spawned by gun control.

We need balance and proportion.   We need good judgement.

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