In Confusion There Is Profit….. And Tyranny

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In the 1959 comedy movie Operation Petticoat,   Cary Grant played the part of a submarine commander who was forced to turn his vessel into a transport for buxom nurses right in the middle of a war zone.

In his crew was an officer played by Tony Curtis.  This officer was not a war fighter.  In fact,  he was a pretty boy  climbing the social ladder through connections with high ranking members of the  Navy.   Needless to say,  the submarine commander had little use  or respect for this dandy who had been foisted upon him by events.    

Later in the film however,   Grant’s opinion of Curtis changed when he  proved to have great skill  ” acquiring ” much needed supplies for the submarine that had been denied by the base commander.    He  first became aware of Curtis’s skills during an attack by the Japanese on the base.   As the bullets flew Curtis lept from the vessel with his team of thieves telling Grant,  ”  In confusion there is profit “.

Operation Petticoat was no Academy Award production.  Nor was it a film of deep meaning.     But when Curtis asserted  ” in confusion there is profit “,   he was speaking a very great truth  about the nature of criminal activity……….. including the kind  that we find in the realm of politics and government.

It is not by chance that Communists and Fascists  came to power  in the early decades of the 20th century.   WWI  was  a time of great unrest.   And in fact,  had it not been for WWI,   Lenin and Staling would never have come to power.   The same can be said for the global depression and the rise of  Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany.    In all of these cases,  men of evil intention took advantage of times of unrest to stoke the flames of chaos and destroy freedom and liberty.   And we have seen this same pattern at many other times of history in other parts of the world.

Do not believe for an instant that there are no people in America who are  willing to put the pursuit of  money, power and control ahead of Constitutional liberties.   Need I point out our current President and his efforts at confiscating personal wealth under the guise of a national health care program?    Need I point out the efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency to confiscate private property  with arbitrary claims of authority under wetlands protection………..  on land that  has no standing water?   Need I point out the efforts to control the light bulbs you use,  the days you can burn wood in your fireplace,  the size of the car you can buy,  etc   etc  etc?

And where the Second Amendment is concerned,  let me demonstrate this point in light of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives  and their arbitrary and capricious rules regarding firearms.    Witness  the details of a recent article in the Washington Times  dealing with  BATFE  rules regarding firearms manufacturing  ( 1 )

The BATFE  dictates what is and is not a firearm….. and what is and is not a legal firearm.    Firearm manufacturers  are  forced to comply with regulations.    But those very regulations are capricious and conflicted.     The BATFE  makes it’s edicts known through letter rulings upon the request by a manufacturer.    The BATFE  does not publish these rulings and only the requester is made aware of the finding.   Worse still,  when compared,  these rulings often contradict each other .   Almost identical prototype firearms  have been deemed legal for one person and illegal for another .

The cost of submitting a weapon for  a  BATFE  letter ruling  system is born by the manufacturer and can be quite expensive.    Worse still,  even after getting an approval,  the BATFE can arbitrarily change it’s mind and reverse itself,  forcing the manufacturer to destroy  ALL of the weapons  produced under the ruling.

And worst of all,  the BATFE  has had a history of  rulings  that can only have been spawned in some twisted realm of the  Twilight Zone.     In one case,  the BATFE ruled that a SHOESTRING  could be deemed an automatic firearm since it might be used to make a gun fire repeatedly.    In another case,  the BATFE  ruled that  POT SCRUBBER PADS were firearms.  (2)

The BATFE has consciously created  a crippling concoction of catch-22 traps and hurdles.    Americans must comply with the BATFE rules or face jail time.   But if they comply with the BATFE rules they can still face jail time.   And to rub salt in the  wound  American’s must foot the bill for this whether they comply or not.    The net result is that it becomes increasingly risky to exercise Second Amendment rights.   Eventually,  as narrow minded, short sighted bureaucrats continue to  weave an impossibly complex set of rules and laws,   the costs and risks will become too high,   and Americans will no longer be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The BATFE is creating regulatory chaos,   which will eventually make the Second Amendment a batch of empty words.    This is exactly the kind of situation that evil people are working for…. and waiting for….. making it easy  to undermine the Constitution,  our rights and the United States of America.

Tony Curtis was right.   So were our Founding Fathers,  when they created limited government.


(1)   Gun makers baffled by ATF criteria

Models OK’d on case-by-case basis

By Chuck Neubauer The Washington Times , January 2, 2012

(2)   ATF classifies Chore Boy pot scrubber pads as NFA firearms

By David Codrea, Gun Rights Examiner 11 15 2011



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