Man brings shotgun to church

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We have all heard of shotgun weddings that were once popular in the southern states.  Sometimes a guy needed some persuasion to marry his partner and a loaded shotgun carried by the bride-to-be’s father could greatly influence his decision of whether to stay single or not.

Unfortunately, this was not the case in a Goose Creek, South Carolina church.  A man walked into the St. James United Methodist Church and pointed his shotgun at the choir.  Instead of preachin’ to the choir, he robbed them.

There was no mention of the method of carry the man used (Ready, Cradle, Side, Sling or Shoulder) when he entered the church.  Even robbers should safely handle firearms.

Are you safer than a robber?  If you think so, answer this question: What method of carry is missing from the above list?  Click here to find the answer.

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