Show your support for the Second Amendment on Valentine’s Day

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The anti-gun movement is trying a boycott of Starbucks because they allow open and concealed carry of firearms in all stores as long as people abide by the state laws at the Starbucks.

We are staging a “Thank You for Supporting our Constitutional Rights” get together at the following Starbucks, this Tuesday, February 14th at 8:00 in the morning.

Address: 1338 The Alameda, Suite 1, San Jose, CA, 95126

Click here for a map.

Please wear something that identifies you as pro-gun, preferably a GS2AC T-Shirt!

Please do not wear cammo, as we do not want to appear to be out-of-control crazies.

Also, please do not open carry, as this could detract from our Thank You.  Go inside, order a drink and thank the barista/cashier for Starbucks protecting our Constitutional rights, particularly the Second Amendment.

Of note worthiness, there is a Peet’s Coffee (they refuse to allow legal firearms carry at all their stores.) right across the street.  Please do not harass their customers.  Our presence at Starbucks drinking coffee or hot chocolate in a peaceful display of support will be enough.

Please SAVE your receipts as we will be gathering these and sending them to Starbucks corporate. You can bring them in to the next GS2AC meeting or we will post an address later on our web site.

If you have a video camera or a smartphone that can take video, please bring it.  We can post the video or our thank you gathering and post it on the GS2AC YouTube channel.

Let’s show the world who we support and why!


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