Ten year old arrested in Burbank, California after threatening woman with toy gun

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The ten-year-old boy went to the home of a 67-year-old woman, pointed a toy gun at her when she answered the door, shouted “You Suck!” and ran away.  The boy thought her grandson had attacked his friend.  The woman, believing it was a real gun, called police.

The police arrested the boy for “suspicion of brandishing a weapon”and later returned him to his parents after searching the house and finding only the toy gun.  There has been no word on whether or not charges will be pressed against the boy, as the toy gun is not a ‘weapon.’

I see a big problem here: the parents should have been arrested and charged with child endangerment.  They should be charged with not properly teaching their son about guns.

Today, most parents are so anti-gun, they ‘protect’ their children from learning about them.  The kids then get their gun safety training from the modern TV gangsta’ movies and from their friends that may be in gangs.

When you use toy guns, everyone involved agrees on the use and everyone can have some safe fun.  When everyone agrees to use real guns, you go to a properly supervised area and shoot.  Two simple differences.

There is a third situation: Never take a toy gun into a public setting.  If that grandmother had been carrying a concealed firearm, that 10-year-old could have been killed.

Adults should comply with that too.  A toy gun could be mistaken for a real one and you could be killed.

Children need to be properly taught about guns and how to respect them, not be protected from them.  Young children need to attend an Eddie Eagle course every year until they become old enough to go to the gun range under adult supervision.

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