Obama’s Loony Legacy: Giving Guns to the Drug Cartels…. Take Them From American Pilots

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The English have a saying:   “Too smart by a half”.   It is a fancy way of saying that someone is a highly educated idiot.

And when it comes to the Obama Administration,  criminal activity and gun control it certainly must apply.    Because anyone with a lick of common sense would never have considered the following as rational:

Let’s make it easy for the Mexican drug cartels to get weapons and ammunition  while making it harder for US Commercial Pilots to have the guns they need to stop airline hijackings.

I kid you not.  This is the current state of thinking within the Obama administration.

We are all well aware of the on-going scandal involving the BATFE and it’s program to encourage gun sales to Mexican criminals ,  ostensibly so they can then track the weapons and identify the bad guys.    And it has now been revealed that the program worked so well they actually had one of the punks in custody,   but felt the need to let him go. ( 1)

Well it appears that this level of incompetence was not good enough for our  Peter Principle President and his advisers.   The White House  has decided that the budget to train and arm US Commercial pilots needs to be cut in half.   ( 2 )

You may remember a small incident back in September of  2011,  where a few Muslim hijackers slit the throats of several airline crew-members during the course of taking over several airliners.    These airliners were then flown into several fairly large structures in New York resulting in their collapse and the deaths of thousands.   If you didn’t hear about it,  we understand.  It’s not like it made the  6 o’clock news or anything.

That budget was designed to give pilots the ability to defend both themselves and the passengers of their aircraft.  In the air, the  air crew is the last line of defense against these terrorists.   Without the means of defending themselves and maintaining control over their aircraft  everyone is in jeopardy.  9/11 proved that.

In sum,  our  Harvard educated, Cretin-In-Chief  has determined that the best way to stop criminal activity is to help violent gangs have more weapons while making  it easier for the terrorists to take over airliners.

Now I know that there are many people who question whether or not  President Obrain-dead  is actually a US Citizen. And there is plenty of proof to call in question where the rock was that he crawled out from under at birth.

But I think there is far more evidence to question the claim that the individual who now occupies the White House has even one brain cell betwixt his ears.

I shudder to think of the only other explanation:    We have a President whose guiding philosophy is the destruction of this nation and our Constitution.

Who knows,  it may be both.


(1 )   Gun-tracking operation caught top suspect, then let him go

By Richard A. Serrano, Washington Bureau LA Times.com March 19, 2012



(2)  Obama administration’s plan to cut back pilot firearm training raises security concerns

By Catherine Herridge March 23, 2012 | FoxNews.com





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