Brain Wash, White Wash: Liberal Lies Versus Liberty

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By hook or by crook ;  Liberals have always been out to destroy the Constitution.     It’s that pesky document that keeps getting in the way of  depriving people of private property rights,  freedom of  thought,  freedom of religion…. and oh, of course that most intolerable of things,  the Second Amendment  and the right to keep and bear arms.

Recently,  the man most involved with the recent  Obama Administration scandal that trafficked guns to violent Mexican drug gangs,  was faced with a gotcha’ moment.   Video surfaced of Eric Holder advocating that the American people should be “brainwashed” about firearms. ( 1 )  His words, not mine.

The video from 1995, showed the young and aspiring  Mr Holder insisting that we needed a campaign to “change the way people think about guns .”   Mr Holder’s excuse was the oft heard lament from gun-controllers that too many young people were getting murdered with guns.   According to Mr Holder,  “What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that’s not cool, that it’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we changed our attitudes about cigarettes.”

In the same video, he mentions using mass media and Hollywood to cast a bad light on firearms.  He further suggests that political leaders support the campaign.  Worse still,  that public schools be enlisted in to make the anti-gun message a part of “every day, every school, and every level.”

Now let’s consider Mr Holder’s analogy:  the campaign against cigarettes.  Over the last 50 years that campaign has slowly turned what used to be a very common activity into one  relegated only to distant corners of  the public arena.  Some employers have made non-smoking a requirement for a job.  Smoking has been banned from both inside and outside all manner of buildings ….including schools,  and even in open space forums like beaches.    In fact, the castigation of smokers has become so aggressive that there have been attempts to legislate ban smoking inside one’s own home.

Pretty effective huh?

And pretty similar to what Nationalist Socialists like Mr Holder have been trying to do to the Second Amendment .

Think about it.

Mention that you are a gun owner and for many people it is an opportunity to question your sanity.   If your children mention that you own a gun,  it can get you arrested until someone in Child Protective Services can search your home. ( 2 )   You can be arrested if  you have a gun within  1,000 feet of a school,  regardless of it is properly secured or not .  I personally witnessed a  local police agencies using a huge billboard to encourage people  to call the police and  report any neighbors who might have a gun. ( 3 )  Some police officers have taken it upon themselves to suggest that  anyone  ADVOCATING open carry rights should be shot ( 4 )     If your gun MALFUNCTIONS  you can be thrown in jail  ( 5 )     If you LEGALLY  defend your own life with a gun in your apartment,  you might get evicted ( 6  )   Or if you threaten to shoot MS13 gang members preparing to attack you you might get arrested ( 7 )   You can even be thrown in jail for  TRYING to comply with the laws regarding firearm transportation  ( 8 )   etc  etc  etc.

These are the same tactics  they used to marginalize smokers and destroy their right to kill themselves with cigarettes.

And regardless of what Mr Holder says his intentions really are………   his actions,  and the actions of all anti-gunners,  ultimately focus on the destruction of the Second Amendment.    That is always the end goal.

We can at least credit Mr Holder with being somewhat honest.  He wants to brain wash the American people and   he wants to cover up his intentions with white lies.     But one part he will never admit to;  he is no friend of liberty.

That’s ok….. I will never be a friend of Liberals like him.   And  if he ever finds someone infringing on his rights,  I will not be racing to his defense.   You reap what you sow.   And I for one will love to watch him being carted off to jail some day.


by JOEL B. POLLAK 3 18 2012


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