Peter Taussig Speaking at GS2AC – Depending On The Police Could Be Deadly

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Peter Taussig spoke at a meeting of the Golden State Second Amendment Council monthly meeting on April 27, 2012. This video is his complete presentation and the Q&A session afterwards.

When you call the police for help you expect them to come to your aid.  One Berkeley man found out they don’t, and he paid for it with his life.  Hear about this travesty from a man who knew the victim.

Peter is a writer, investor, independent businessman, defensive shooting, personal safety and security consultant, former head of a major law firm’s corporate practice, and practicing attorney. More than a bit skeptical about the social utility of our legal system today, Peter views most attorneys as beings whose souls died when they reached puberty. In earlier incarnations, he has worked as a newspaper delivery boy, door-to-door salesman, construction worker, commercial pilot, and newspaper reporter and editor. He is an Eagle Scout and a combat veteran.

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