IANSA…. Any Excuse For Gun Control… Even When The Excuses Are In Conflict With Each Other

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If you are ever looking for an excuse to both laugh and cry at the same time,  I suggest you  pop on to the website to IANSA  (  http://iansa.org )

For those not familiar with IANSA,  it is the international club for gun control advocates.  It’s members  are a motley conglomeration of ego-maniacs,  totalitarians,  nationalist-socialists,  communists,  those incapable of finding productive work and those  generally out of touch with reality.    But what these people lack in rationality,  they make up for it with hubris and raw energy.   Accordingly they can be  very dangerous.

Recently,  while seeking a few minutes of distraction,  I went to the IANSA website and found two very interesting and very conflicted articles.

First,  a policy paper created by several groups  ostensibly dedicated to a safer world.  The paper s entitled ” The Arms Trade Treaty: Securing Women’s Rights and Gender Equality .  A United Call to Explicitly Include Gender-Based Violence in the Criteria (  June  2012 ) ” (1).

The groups sponsoring this paper include Amnesty International, a group called Religions for Peace, ( as opposed to that other famous group, Religions for War ) IANSA Women.Org and WILPF International.org. The policy paper follows the traditional Marxist-Socialist pattern of visualizing all social interaction in terms of one group of innocents being victimized by some other evil power-wielding group dominating society. The paper asserts that women are disproportionately impacted by firearm violence, and as one would expect always at the hands of men.

The paper insists that the International Arms Trade Treaty currently working  it’s way through the United Nations must include a ” gender based violence criterion ” as part of it’s regulation of the small arms trade.   Specifically,  ” .. the ATT should require States to not allow an international transfer of conventional arms where there is a substantial risk that the arms under the consideration are likely to be used to perpetuate or facilitate acts of gender-based violence,  including  rape and other forms of sexual violence.    To apply this criterion,  States must conduct a meaningful assessment of that risk – in other words, they must act with all due diligence when assessing an arms transfer application .”

Translation, if there is any chance that a firearm sale MIGHT result in violence against some woman, anywhere in the world, it must be banned.  Their justifications?  Here are some  ”  bullet ” points ….….“ Weapons are used to facilitate repression and state violence.” “ Sexual violence is often widely and systematically employed against civilians during armed conflict” and “Women are disproportionately affected by high levels of firearms-related homicides and domestic violence.”  

And here is where the IANSA website becomes both amusing and disturbing.

The second  article,  seen on the very same page as the first,  was  a piece giving statistical evidence demonstrating exactly the opposite  conclusion…… that  MEN are disproportionately impacted by firearms violence.   The article,  ” Argentina: Study Shows Gun Violence Kills 89 in 9 Countries During Week of Action ” ( 2 ) indicated that  93% or gun violence impacted MEN…. and by extension only  7% of women.

The results of the second study were, predictably, distributed to the same batch of UN actors factoring the first article into their deliberations of the ATT.   So for the people at the UN working to pass a new international gun control trade agreement, their actions are justified on the grounds that firearms violence disproportionally impacts woman more than men, and on the grounds that men are disproportionally impacted more than women …. all at the same time !  

To understand  the threat poised by  this type of  gun control and it’s supporters you must understand that the absurdity demonstrated above is not absurd in the mind of a gun control advocate. It is merely the Marxist dialectic in action.   In  layman’s  terms that means that any excuse will do for those willing to deprive you of your Constitutional rights.  They will use any method and any tool to achieve their ends.  They are not bound by any sense of honesty.  They are not bound by any allegiance to the truth.

And in historical terms, it means that if they get their way, tyranny and terror must follow.

(1)The Arms Trade Treaty: Securing Women’s Rights and Gender Equality A united call to explicitly include gender-based violence in the criteria (June 2012)


(2)Argentina: Study shows gun violence kills 89 in 9 countries during Week of Action

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