The Aberrant Minds Of Gun Control

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Dozens of people were in attendance at the premier showing of a new fantasy movie about a man dressed like a bat who fights crime.

Unknown to the theatre goers  seeking a few hours of distraction,  someone else  was in the vicinity seeking another form of release.     Entering the darkened theatre  dressed in black with hair painted bright red,  this other person lit off a tear gas grenade and then began shooting the people in the audience.   After killing 14 and wounding another several dozen he went outside and waited for the police near his car.    Claiming to be a character from the Batman fantasy drama called  ” The Joker ”  he quietly  surrendered to the police.

Shortly thereafter a third player in this drama began  seeking their form of release ;  gun control advocates seizing on the death of innocents  to advance their cause.    Within an hour of the crime,  this third group of people began striking out at anyone and everyone who had ever objected to gun control.   Some even claimed that the shooting was caused by certain media personalities who had recently reviewed the movie.   Even the volume of these  wild accusations could not drown out the wet slapping sound of these deviants as hey stimulated themselves into ecstasy  at the death of others.

And make no mistake…..  gun control advocates are  frothing at the mouth at this tragedy.  Not because  they hate the crime…..  but rather because they love it.  They love it as a justification to destroy the right to self defense… and the right to keep and bear arms.

The fact of the matter is that  the murderer and the advocates of gun control  share the same sick,  aberrant mentality.   In  one case,  it is the sick mind that sees their fellow humans  as nothing more than targets for violence.   In the second case,  it is the sick mind that sees their fellow humans as nothing more than targets for political violence.

Do not forget that the massacre at  Virginia Tech  happened in one of their beloved gun free zones.   Do not forget that the massacre at Virginia  Tech happened when the people who were obligated to defend the defenseless,  the police , did  NOTHING  for two hours after the first shooting  and allowed the criminal  to kill another 30.    And do not forget that  just a few years  after the first  massacre at  Virginia Tech,   ANOTHER  multiple shooting occurred on that  same ”  gun free campus “.   But most of all,  do not forget that in each case the advocates of  gun control  leapt upon the bodies of the victims to appeal for financial donations and  demand more laws.     The same kind of laws that have failed   over  and over again…. in  EVERY country they have been tried.

If one wants to jump to conclusions about responsibility for this shooting  then I suggest we do so on the base of the appearance of the shooter.     Dressed head to toe in  Goth black with garish  red hair,  this is not the appearance of a Conservative  or a Second Amendment supporter.    In fact,  it is the appearance most seen amongst the radicals of the Occupy Movement….. all of which are  Nationalist Socialists….. Communists…..  members of the Democrat Party…. and the violently Liberal.

Whether it is the sick mind of the shooter who murders  or the sick mind of the opportunist  who wants to take advantage of the deaths,  the common theme is gun control .




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