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Madmen And Opportunists Who Are Mad ( eg; insane )

December 14 2012.   On that very same day, two madmen on two different continents involved in two different events.  And in comparing them we learn a great lesson about the liberal mindset behind gun control. In the first case … Continue reading

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Comments on Latest Firearms Confiscation Rhetoric

[NOTE: This post concerning the latest proposals for gun bans and restrictions was originally a comment on a forum.  This is definitely worth your read! – Admin] All, In light of this tragedy, there has been lots of talk … Continue reading

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Defend Yourself in California and Get Sued

Only in California can you see this type of judicial injustice.  Let me set the table for you by telling you what Samuel Cutrufelli did. On January 3, 2012, Sam broke into a house in Marin, California, an upper-crust, mostly … Continue reading

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Lack of God and Not Guns Caused the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings

We have become a nation of ME.  A demanding sense of entitlement is expected by our youth and many young adults.  Selfishness is a priority. Our judicial system spends an inordinate amount of time trying to explain why criminals commit … Continue reading

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My Observations on the Oral Arguments for the CCW cases before the 9th Circuit

First of all, if you didn’t attend the court session then you missed a very interesting hearing and fun luncheon hosted by Calguns. We had the privilege of hearing both Paul Clement and Alan Gura (the rock star of the … Continue reading

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Vince Cefalu BAFTE Whistleblower for Fast and Furious Speaking at GS2AC Nov 15, 2012

Vince Cefalu is the BATFE agent and Whistleblower that exposed the Fast and Furious gun-walking operation.  Vince was very kind to take time from his schedule to speak at the Golden State Second Amendment Council’s meeting on November 15th, 2012.  … Continue reading

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Costas and NBC Sports Should Be Ashamed

NBC Sports, I suggest you have Costas talk about sports instead of subjects for which he has no knowledge. It was a shameful display of stupidity, when he used the tragedy of the NFL player’s murder/suicide episode to promote his … Continue reading

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