Comments on Latest Firearms Confiscation Rhetoric

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[NOTE: This post concerning the latest proposals for gun bans and restrictions was originally a comment on a forum.  This is definitely worth your read! – Admin]


In light of this tragedy, there has been lots of talk amongst us in terms of this politician and that media pundit going around saying “confiscate confiscate confiscate!!!” We all know that to be obvious, and we know that a tragedy of any kind involving a firearm is going to be a precursor to screaming in favor of confiscation and banning of firearms of all kinds.

There are threads indicating doom and gloom for our Second Amendment rights, and while anything in the way of “efforts” by anyone with any form of power needs to be taken seriously, there is a simple answer to this issue of them wanting to take our guns and gun rights away.

The Second Amendment, and the opinions in Heller and McDonald will ABSOLUTELY not allow confiscation or deprivation of the right against the law-abiding without a war, so all of this talk about lawmakers wanting to confiscate and ban is a laughable proposition that would have the Supreme Court Justices ready to bust their gavels.

As for bans in Australia being a precursor to bans here in the United States, there is no comparison to Australia because they don’t have the kind of Second Amendment protections that we have here in the United States where we have actual live Constitutional Protections. In addition to that, we have enough gun rights groups in this nation to likely top (just my wild [and likely wishful] guess) at least 8 million. I’m involving all the gun rights groups on the states’ level, not just the NRA, SAF, GOA, JPFO and those on the national level. The membership here at CGN is 130,821 (with 29,783 active members). Thinking about the increase in membership numbers due to this issue is something to maybe consider as well.

CGN is state minded, so think about all the other state groups and how many members those groups might have as well, then add up the numbers, and one might agree that the total I estimate above might be “conservative”, but that’s just a theory of mine that could be full of…

Feinstein, Obama, Bloomberg and others want a ban on semi-auto rifles and other semi-auto firearms, and they say it could be done because they did it in 1994.

There is A LOT MORE KNOWLEDGE and we have a lot more sharp fangs on our side today than we had back in 1994. We now have people like Gura, Kilmer, Clement, Michel, Hoffman, Gottlieb, LaPierre and others who have minds which are far more superior in knowledge than the mental cases within the Washington Beltway and Sacramento Capitol. Put them together with litigants like Peterson, Richards, Peña, Nordyke and so many others, and 1994 becomes rather irrelevant.

As for Feinstein & Bloomberg as well as others and their dream bills, they not only disregard the Constitution, but absolutely dismiss it with contempt, so while we need to keep a close watch on her and take anything she and her henchmen/women says seriously, we also need to not let it cause a breakdown amongst us. In addition, we also need to be careful what we say here, and stay focused.

Erik Royce

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