Costas and NBC Sports Should Be Ashamed

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NBC Sports,

I suggest you have Costas talk about sports instead of subjects for which he has no knowledge. It was a shameful display of stupidity, when he used the tragedy of the NFL player’s murder/suicide episode to promote his misguided view on the firearms in society and preach the idea of taking away our rights on the Sunday night game.

Some real facts:
– Japan has a higher rate of murder/suicides than the US and the public does not possess firearms.
– Well overĀ  1 million incidents occur every year in the US when a citizen uses a firearm to successfully defend him or herself from crime.
– Renowned economist, Dr. John Lott’s has researched thoroughly firearms ownership and crime. His work shows a strong correlation that more firearms held by law abiding citizens means less crime.

I suggest that NBC sports get its facts straight and stop promoting nonsense. Stick to sports, something you actually know about.

You owe us a big apology.

John Jorgensen

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