Defend Yourself in California and Get Sued

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Only in California can you see this type of judicial injustice.  Let me set the table for you by telling you what Samuel Cutrufelli did.

On January 3, 2012, Sam broke into a house in Marin, California, an upper-crust, mostly liberal neighborhood.  He kicked in the door, startling a 90-year-old homeowner, Jay Leone.

Eventually the homeowner talked Sam into letting him go to the bathroom.  When Jay, a retired Marin County Sheriff’s Deputy, went into the bathroom he grabbed a .357 revolver he had hidden there for such a purpose.

Sam, the burglar, then shot Jay in the face.  Jay returned fire and emptied the revolver.  Despite being hit the burglar started wrestling with Jay, grabbed his gun, put it to the homeowner’s head and pulled the trigger, intending to kill Jay.  Without any more cartridges left, this fortunately failed.

Sam fled the house and called police telling them he had shot himself.  Needless to say, the police arrested him for burglary and two counts of attempted murder (first count when he shot Jay in the face and the second count when he tried to blow Jay’s brains out).

This should have been the end of the story, but remember, this is California, the land of fruits and nuts!  Samuel Cutrufelli has filed suit against Jay Leone.  The suit, if you can believe it, is claiming that the homeowner returned fire (after being shot) negligently!

I am surprised that a judge even let this suit go forward.

Jay defended himself in order to save his own life, which the perp tried to take twice.  Lawsuits, like this travesty of justice filed by criminals against their victims have to be stopped.  Surely, there is a lesson to be learned by this.

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