Lack of God and Not Guns Caused the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings

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We have become a nation of ME.  A demanding sense of entitlement is expected by our youth and many young adults.  Selfishness is a priority.

Our judicial system spends an inordinate amount of time trying to explain why criminals commit crime.  They should be spending their time on punishment and prevention.

When I grew up, I remember reciting The Lord’s Prayer before the start of every school day.  We said grace before every meal and the entire family was present at the table.  We learned the Ten Commandments and did our best to follow them in our daily lives.

Afternoons were spent outside playing Cowboys and Indians, shooting each other in countless wars, and staging elaborate death scenes.  When real fights occurred, bare fists were used and the fights didn’t last to long.

Tempers were over by the next day for the really serious disagreements and no one even thought about using even a rock or toy gun to hit someone in the head.  Everyone had a Boy Scout of Cub Scout knife honed to a razor-sharp edge and point and these were never pulled out for a fight.

High school students carried their rifles to school and put them in their lockers with boxes of .22 cartridges.  No one ever thought of shooting up a school.

Everyone respected life and God.

As a society, we have abandoned God, not the other way around.

A friend of mine, Jacqueline D. Knight, wrote the following: “There was a time in America when a relationship with God was not only encouraged, it was almost a requirement. You were taught to believe that you are a divine creation in His image and that brought with it certain responsibilities.”

She also wrote “I contend that guns are not the problem. We are our own worst enemies and God has left the Building!

For many people in today’s society, this has held true.  God has left their building because they have shut him out.


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2 Responses to Lack of God and Not Guns Caused the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings

  1. Jacqueline Knight says:

    Very nice!

  2. Bob Wyman says:

    Who do humans think they are when they believe in an All-powerful being that created everything but that they can ban Him from certain places. This is quite telling.
    Nobody carried rifles to school either. Cub Scouts were not allowed to carry knives. The Constitution did not ban gods but forbids government from promoting religion or forbidding it.
    Children have no boundaries or manners. They are not punished until they are tried as adults. Those parents should be tried as children. When you have children you must know where they are and what they are doing 24 hours a day. You have to know what they have in their pockets and book-bags when they leave the house. Read what they write and snoop in their rooms, they are not adults!
    We have given over control to government and that is wrong, dangerous, stupid beyond belief and lazy. Children with boundaries feel loved, those with “freedom” do not!

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