Madmen And Opportunists Who Are Mad ( eg; insane )

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December 14 2012.   On that very same day, two madmen on two different continents involved in two different events.  And in comparing them we learn a great lesson about the liberal mindset behind gun control.

In the first case we have a man living in a nation with the most strictest gun control laws, Communist China. ( 1 ) Armed with nothing more than a knife, the 36 year old invaded and elementary school and slashed 22 children in a brutal attack on the innocent. ( This only two years after a similar incident where another Chinese man slashed and hacked 28 children at an elementary school )

In the second case we have a man living in the United States, a nation with more lenient gun control laws. In this case a 20 year old man shot 26 people at an elementary school including 22 children. ( 2 )

The first event passed on the news pages with only the slightest of mention, while the second event has been the subject of endless reporting in the media. Reports replete with hand-wringing and smarmy moral posturing about gun violence in society provided to the population as a pretext to  justify virulent calls for new gun control restrictions on the American people.

And as disgusting as is the thought of 5 and 6 year old children being gunned down, this author finds more disgusting  the thought that the man volunteering to lead the charge for more restrictions on Second Amendment rights is our own President Obama.

Yes, President Obama. The man intimately involved with the trafficking of THOUSANDS of high powered weapons to the Mexican drug cartels. Obama, the man whose Fast and Furious guns have been directly linked to the shooting of HUNDREDS of Mexicans and the murder of at least one US law enforcement agent.   Obama, the man who just 4 years ago was using these very same shootings in Mexico as a pretext for demanding more gun restrictions on US citizens, this of course BEFORE the revelations about his reckless campaign to stimulate gun sales to Mexican drug lords was uncovered.

During  his speech to the nation shortly after  the shooting,  this very same Obama began the call for new laws to do ” more ”  to stop gun violence.   And in zombie like lock step,  the arrogant  politicians,  media know-it-alls and  Hollywood know-nothings began parroting  their  support for Mr Obama’s campaign.   This included one particularly hypocritical Senator from California,  Diane Feinstein.    Feinstein,  who secretly  packs a pistol on her own person  and who travels the nation with her own cadre of armed body guards,  insists that the rest of us  are not to be trusted with guns. No,  the rest of us peons and serfs  need  more restrictions and confiscations.  She  has even proposed ALL  gun owners be finger printed and monitored like the average  felon.   And since birds of a feather flock together,  it was not surprising to hear the Communist Government of China  ” demanding ”  more  gun restrictions on American  citizens too.

NOTHING  they propose  will do a thing about crazy people who intend to harm the innocent.   It will only do what it has  done in Great Britain and  Australia:   INCREASE  armed attacks by criminals on the population.   Since the implementation of their  draconian  gun laws armed  crimes including rape, assault and  home-invasions  have  sky-rocketed  leaving the average person damned.  If they get a gun to equalize themselves with a criminal they go to jail.  If they don’t,  they risk death at the hands of the violent.  (3)

Worse  still, they deprive the people of the ability to check the power  of arrogant governments who have from  time immemorial  ALWAYS abused their people.

And make no bones about it.  When I refer to violent  criminals  I am referring both the the type that  prowl our streets daily….  and the ones  who prowl the halls of  government.   Both are  terrified that their  victims might be armed and both will do everything they can to abuse the vulnerable.   This is why we always  see the most  arrogant and abusive of politicians proposing gun restrictions.   They want the freedom to abuse the American people.

If you want common sense  gun-control  I’ve got a three step process we can  implement right away to stop gun crime.   First,  you arrest and then deport all those associated with the Fast and Furious scandal,  sending them to the Communist nation of their choosing,  NEVER to return.  (  Starting with the President )   Second,  you strip every governmental building of it’s armed guards and  ban the use of personal security details for all the politicians and Hollywood types  nation-wide.  This will ” raise the awareness ” of  those remaining in government to the personal risks we all face.     Third,   you grant a blanket Letter of Marque to every law abiding citizen and let us get down to the business of  eliminating  the  criminal element.

I guarantee you,  within  3 years,  this nation will be rid of  madmen whether they be criminals on the street..… or the tyrants that prowl the halls of government.   And with the balance of power  back in the hands of the average citizens, our children and our  children’s children will be able to live their lives in an America supremely safe.


(1) Knife-wielding man injures 22 children in China                                                By Terril Yue Jones Reuters December 14, 2012,0,5592318.story

(2) 20 CHILDREN KILLED IN CONNECTICUT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SHOOTING                                                                                                                       by DR. SUSAN BERRY 14 Dec 2012                   

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