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Henson Ong at Gun Violence Prevention Public Hearing – Hartford, CT – 1/28/2013

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I personally have not heard a more eloquent presentation against the gun control laws being proposed.  This is worth listening to as Henson Ong knows and recognizes oppression and the right to self defense as well … Continue reading

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The Real Reason for Universal Background Checks

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We are hearing calls from President Obama for universal background checks and no private firearms transfers. The real reason for universal background checks is not to make sure bad people are not getting guns. Any idiot … Continue reading

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California Legal Plastic Asalt Rifle Fires 50 Shots Before Reloading [video]

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Finally, somebody figured out a way around the California law against large capacity firearms and assault rifles!  Be sure to pre-order yours today, as Dianne Feinstein is sure to come and collect them before too long. … Continue reading

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Appreciation BBQ at Kerley’s Outfitters by the GS2AC

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Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn On January 12, 2013, El Heffe pulled up to the back door at Kerley’s Outfitters.  Out of his Jeep came a destructive device and some explosive liquid in a can.  After carefully loading this scary black … Continue reading

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Good Luck Buying Glock Pistols in California

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I just received some information on the supply of Glock pistols in California.  No new Glock pistols will be coming into the state for quite a while. It seems that Glock is now manufacturing their pistols … Continue reading

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Governor Cuomo Should Be Expelled or at Least Suspended

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Today, January 8th, 2012, New York Governor Cuomo has decided to make a name for himself by not letting the slaughter of innocent children by a crazy person go to waste.  Since he is a contender … Continue reading

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DIY Shovel Ready Project to Build an AK-47

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The Golden State Second Amendment Council would never recommend doing this in California.  However, if you are in a firearms-friendly state that allows making your own AK-47 from a garden shovel, this is a great tutorial. … Continue reading

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Defend Yourself Go To Prison for Life

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I have seen this reported in several places and Brad, a member of the GS2AC thought we should post it.  What follows could happen in the United States. Here judges release murderers early, but really nail … Continue reading

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Marine Veteran Stands Up To Senator Dianne Feinstein on Gun Ban and Registration

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Corporal Joshua Boston wrote a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein letting her know that he will not obey an unconstitutional gun ban or registration scheme.  This letter has gone viral across all of the social media. … Continue reading

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New Firearms Laws in 2012 for California

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn There were over 875 laws that were signed into law by Governor Brown in 2012.  Several of them affect firearms.  The summaries of these laws below are not a legal opinion of any type and are … Continue reading

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