Appreciation BBQ at Kerley’s Outfitters by the GS2AC

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On January 12, 2013, El Heffe pulled up to the back door at Kerley’s Outfitters.  Out of his Jeep came a destructive device and some explosive liquid in a can.  After carefully loading this scary black device with the appropriate charges and combustible materiel, a match was lit and flames came roaring out causing El Heffe and his partner in crime to step back from the searing heat.

After the materiel was glowing red hot in the monstrous shiny black Weber, a whole duck along with ample supplies of Polish kielbasa and hamburgers were loaded on top.

Out came a folding table and condiments as far as the eye could see.  Add to that a long loaf of bread with soon-to be melted butter and garlic.  Buns for the kielbasa and hamburgers were unloaded along with whole dill pickles, marinated artichoke hearts and potato salad from a secret family recipe.

Chef Mark Towber cooked up a perfect duck and took charge of the scary black Weber with forward grips to prevent burning of his hands (which California will probably ban because of the utility attachments) while I tested the quality of the salsa and stone-ground corn chips.

The ravenous crew from Kerley’s were served and put a major dent in the food supply.  They were all happy and well-fed along with a couple of select customers.  Kerley’s has been very good to the Golden State Second Amendment Council, so Mark thought it would be fun to treat them to a sumptuous meal, and it was.

They were doing a brisk business and the employees grabbed the food and went back to service customers, eating whenever they had a free minute.  Take a look at the photos that I took of the festivities and enjoy!  You can just about smell the food!

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