Good Luck Buying Glock Pistols in California

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I just received some information on the supply of Glock pistols in California.  No new Glock pistols will be coming into the state for quite a while.

It seems that Glock is now manufacturing their pistols in the United States, and not importing them from Austria.  In recognition of creating more manufacturing jobs in the United States, The State of California is refusing the Glock pistols manufactured in America to be sold within the state.

California claims that the pistols, although identical to those manufactured in Austria, are a “different” firearm.  Therefore the Glock Pistols manufactured in the U.S. have to go through the drop and other California safety tests again.

That goes for each and every model Glock decides to sell in he United States.  So, if you want to purchase a Glock, you had better go down to your gun shop and buy one now, if they have any of the Austrian manufactured ones in stock.

Glock says they are working with California DOJ bureaucrats to resolve what they need to do in order to have every model tested again.

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