Governor Cuomo Should Be Expelled or at Least Suspended

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Today, January 8th, 2012, New York Governor Cuomo has decided to make a name for himself by not letting the slaughter of innocent children by a crazy person go to waste.  Since he is a contender for the 2016 Presidential Election, he is trying to endear himself to the far-left Democrats by coming up with the most severe gun control laws in the United States before the Obama administration tries to do the same thing.

Governor Cuomo is negotiating will the NY legislative body to eliminate magazines that are considered “high capacity” which could mean, according to some insiders, 8 cartridges instead of 10.  This could effectively eliminate most of the magazines for semi-automatic firearms.

He is also targeting “assault weapons” which are essentially semi-automatic varmint rifles with the addition of some plastic cosmetic additions.  Cuomo will also probably try and go after all semiautomatic rifles, if he can do some fancy negotiations.

We can assume he will try and lock up the Democrat Presidential nomination by making New York State have its own registration system of all firearms which will include fingerprints, severe yearly licensing requirements and extravagant fees.

He also pointed his finger-gun at the audience.  School children are routinely expelled and suspended for the same action.  Shouldn’t Governor Cuomo be expelled for doing that?  After all, he is setting a bad example for New York Children how could go around pointing their fingers at other children.

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