The Real Reason for Universal Background Checks

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We are hearing calls from President Obama for universal background checks and no private firearms transfers. The real reason for universal background checks is not to make sure bad people are not getting guns. Any idiot knows that can’t be stopped.  The purpose is to get to know where all of the good people’s guns are for future restrictions and confiscations. Currently it is illegal for the feds to retain information from a background check. In California we already have a registration system for handguns and it will go into affect for rifles and shotguns next year.

Some people might say I am over reacting but it has been done in California before. SKS rifles were confiscated from registered owners in 1999.

To understand the worst case scenario for gun registration you only need to look to the last century of genocide. The Germans (Nazi’s) first registered then confiscated firearms. We all know what happened after that. What if the people could have shot back at the scum? To fully understand how bad it was in the last century look at the genocide chart from the JPFO. Over 75 million slaughtered after gun registration and then confiscation in the 20th century. This demonstrates clearly why there is a fundamental right to have arms for self protection.

Based on what has happened in very recent history, we all need to think about the question of whether we will break a law and not register our firearms if the law requires it and what we will do when the “Brownshirts” come to our doors to take our guns? For me they are questions I have been thinking about but really don’t want to have to face. All the more reason that we have to fight with all of our might the new laws that are being proposed to restrict our rights. If you haven’t joined the NRA and SAF and GOA and GOC do so today. Write to you representatives about your dislike of their trying to take your rights away. Do it every day, until they stop. Click Here for an easy way to communicate with your representatives.

If we don’t stop them, then we will be having to face the ugly questions that I have posed above. Will you break the law? Will you do the unthinkable, if confronted with confiscation?

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