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Oxford English Dictionary Definition of “Arms” as Weapons

The following reproduction of the definiton of “arms” comes from  Definition 2, Col. 2, p.449,  Vol 1 of 12, Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 1978. I believe it is important to note the definition of this term, especially in light … Continue reading

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Joe Sirochman of American Spirit Arms talks about Bank of America

American Spirit Arms was contacted by the Bank of America and told they would be terminating their business arrangements.  Funds were frozen and bank loans were called in because American Spirit Arms dealt in firearms. This was the reason given … Continue reading

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Registration Leads to Confiscation

The following is evidence that registration lists have been used to confiscate guns since at least 2007 in Santa Clara County, California. SouthBay Gun sweep: Finding illegal Owners is No Easy Task By Mark Gomez San Jose Mercury News … Continue reading

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We Successfully Defended Templar Sports!

For two Mondays in a row, Second Amendment advocates and gun banners alike packed the Los Gatos City Council meeting for hearings on Templar Sports.  Last night, February 11th, supporters of Templar sports seemed to grab center stage and their … Continue reading

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Los Gatos Gun Ban Advocates Threaten to Kill Gun Store Owner at Home

According to a letter released by the attorney for Templar Sports, Robert Chang has received a death threat at his home.  Robert is one of the owners of Templar Sports in Los Gatos. Robert testified before the Los Gatos City … Continue reading

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There is Strength in Numbers

A while ago in Oak Harbor, Washington, a city council member tried to make a motion to disarm a veteran who had a CCW permit during a city council meeting.  The meeting was to pass a law banning CCW holders … Continue reading

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HR 35 – Repeal Gun Free School Zones Law

This bill calls for repealing the Gun Free Schools Act which would enable teachers and administrators to carry concealed. If you are interested in supporting HR 35, contact either Rep. Steve Stockman at 202-225-1555 or Rep.Broun’s office at 202-225-4101. HR … Continue reading

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Senator Dianne Feinstein Says She Owns No Guns

USA Today published a Poll on firearm ownership in Congress on Monday, February 4th.  The anti-gun Senator from California behind the assault weapons ban, Dianne Feinstein, claimed she did not own a firearm. Here is documented testimony directly from Senator … Continue reading

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Congress Woman Anna Eshoo Does Not Know the U.S. Constitution!

I received the following email from Anna Eshoo, my representative in Congress. This was a response to a request to her not to support the gun bans that are before congress right now. After this letter I have posted my … Continue reading

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