Los Gatos Gun Ban Advocates Threaten to Kill Gun Store Owner at Home

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According to a letter released by the attorney for Templar Sports, Robert Chang has received a death threat at his home.  Robert is one of the owners of Templar Sports in Los Gatos.

Robert testified before the Los Gatos City Council on February 4th in response to opposition to Templar Sports opening up at the end of December.  He was joined by hundreds of supporters.  There were also people present that wanted to shut down his legal business which received approval to operate by the City of Los Gatos, the California Department of Justice and the BAFTE.

There were so many people presenting their opinions (which lasted past midnight) that the city council decided to continue the meeting tonight, February 11th at 7 pm in order to hear the rest of the people at the public meeting.

I encourage you to show up and give your support tonight!

The premeditated violence threatened by the death threats of anti-gun forces show (in my personal opinion) that gun-banners are to be feared more than law-abiding gun owners.

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