There is Strength in Numbers

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A while ago in Oak Harbor, Washington, a city council member tried to make a motion to disarm a veteran who had a CCW permit during a city council meeting.  The meeting was to pass a law banning CCW holders from carrying in city parks and marinas.

The councilman left the room after failing to pass the motion.  The mayor apologized to the veteran who was legally carrying the concealed firearm and said for the record that he felt safer that the veteran was armed.  The council members eventually passed the park and marina ban.

At the following council meeting, 160 people, most of them legally carrying firearms, showed up to protest the law that was passed at the previous council meeting.  With a united display of both open carry and concealed carry, the city council reconsidered the law and repealed it.

MyNorthwest reported some of the supporters’ statements.

Sandy Peterson spoke out against the ordinance. “If the city council members are intimidated by people exercising their Second Amendment rights to bear arms, perhaps they need to examine what it is about that that makes them uncomfortable,” she said.

William Frail had an M-1 rifle on his shoulder as he testified. “Sir, my mother was Jew,” he said. “My family went to the chambers. I will not go into the night quietly while these two ask me to board the train.”

The citizens of Oak Harbor can carry protection again in public parks and the marinas.  Remember, there is power when we unite to accomplish a common goal.

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