We Successfully Defended Templar Sports!

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For two Mondays in a row, Second Amendment advocates and gun banners alike packed the Los Gatos City Council meeting for hearings on Templar Sports.  Last night, February 11th, supporters of Templar sports seemed to grab center stage and their efforts paid off.

The Los Gatos City Council decided that the best decision was to leave Templar Sports alone to run their business.  The outpouring of support for Templar sports had a lot to do with the council’s decision.

An attorney for the City of Los Gatos also testified that the best course of action was to drop all adverse actions against Templar Sports.  There was no action the city could legally take to prevent a legitimate business from operating, especially since the business met or exceeded everything that had been required of them.

The Golden State Second Amendment Council gives a hearty thanks to all those who turned out in support of Templar Sports and in defense of our Second Amendment rights.  We can be assured that the next city will think twice before they infringe on the civil rights of their citizens.

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