South San Francisco Withdraws Ammunition Ban

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I received an email from the Calguns Foundation today announcing this great news.

After considering the letter of opposition sent by The Calguns Foundation and California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees, the City of South San Francisco prudently rejected an outrageous gun control measure that would have banned hollow point ammunition and subjected gun owners to serious privacy risks.

Besides banning all hollow-point ammunition, this ordinance required all ammunition resellers to report to the South San Francisco Police Department everyone purchasing more than 500 rounds of ammunition.

More than 630 people sent messages to South San Francisco City Council members protesting the ordinance.

The executive director for the Calguns Foundation, Brandon Combs commented on the decision by the council members. “We’re very pleased with last night’s outcome and thank the City Council for doing the right thing. It’s always encouraging to see our elected officials listen to the will of their constituents and come down on the side of civil rights. This just shows what’s possible when gun owners and organizations like ours work hard, together.”

Once again, action by law-abiding citizens stopped another useless anti-Second Amendment law from being enacted.  Besides, even one of the original proponents of this action admitted it was just “window dressing” and had absolutely no effect on violent crime.

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