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I Like Guns – Steve Lee Music Video

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Ever since Steve Lee sang I Like Guns, his popularity has exploded among firearms enthusiasts.  Enjoy Steve’s music video. You can buy his albums on iTunes and CD Baby.  Enjoy! Related posts: Pumpkin Shoot – With … Continue reading

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Holster Safety Is Important [graphic video]

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Derek “Tex” Grebner is an experienced firearms owner.  He shares this negligent discharge video to show how different equipment combinations can have disastrous results. Related posts: Police officer accidentally fires gun – bullet hits his chest … Continue reading

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Help Stop SB 299 and SB 475 in California Safety Committee votes Tuesday June 25

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Please contact the entire Assembly Public Safety Committee by phone and email and ask them to vote against SB 299 and SB 475.  Click here for a list of the Public Safety Committee members. These two … Continue reading

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Sunnyvale May Adopt Firearms and Ammunition Controls June 25th

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Tomorrow, the City of Sunnyvale, California will hold a discussion on adopting gun control laws.  The agenda item number two says “Discussion and Possible Action on a Ballot Measure concerning sensible gun measures. Contact: Mayor Anthony … Continue reading

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Los Gatos Enacts Draconian Firearms Permit Process

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn On Monday, June 17, 2013, the Los Gatos Town Council enacted the most Draconian anti-gun legislation I have seen in quite a while.  The permit process was passed despite a large pro-business and pro-Second Amendment contingent. … Continue reading

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Oregon Glock Block – No One Dials 911

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The crime wave in the town of Jennings Lodge, Oregon is in for a decrease.  Consisting of minor crimes such as vandalism and stolen law ornaments, the crime is about to be nipped in the bud … Continue reading

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Shot String

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Shot String: This is a measurement used with shotgun shells. When a shell is fired the shot string is the distance between the shot pellet out front and the shot pellet in the rear. The distance … Continue reading

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The Red Jello Glock [video]

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn You have to watch this to believe it.  I have seen all sorts of torture tests performed on a Glock.  This one is just too funny and it is unbelievable that someone would do this to … Continue reading

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Templar Sports Needs Support In Los Gatos On Monday, June 17th

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The City of Los Gatos is at it again.  They are trying to shut down a legitimate and highly regulated legal business – this time by instituting a “permit” system that must be renewed every year … Continue reading

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Where Is Bloomberg When Lives Are Saved By Guns?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I recently reported on a home invasion where a youth who is 10 years old defended his family.  What was remarkable about this was the fact it happened in New York City.  Even more noteworthy was … Continue reading

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