Calguns Wins and Gets Check from Merced County for Over $9K

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Nearly two years after filing a lawsuit against the Merced County Sheriff (Michelle Rossow, et al. v. County of Merced and Merced Sheriff Mark Pazin) the Calguns Foundation received a check for $9,250.47.  The check was for attorney’s fees.

calgunsfoundation_merced-checkIt seems that Sheriff Pazin was refusing to accept and process CCW applications.  The sheriff started to process CCW applications, but the CCW policies in the county which were unconstitutional were not changed.

After some pressure, the county decided to change the policies before being embarrassed by another court order to correct the flawed policies.  This is a very important ruling in regards to CCW in the State of California.

The Calguns Foundation issued a press release that said in part:

“It’s great to see a successful outcome in this case, as Merced’s policy on licenses to carry handguns was substantially revised to address the most grievous concerns, and the Court retained jurisdiction to address future compliance issues,” said attorney for plaintiffs Jason Davis of Mission Viejo.

“This case is an important next step in our Carry Initiative,” explained Brandon Combs, executive director for The Calguns Foundation. “The County chose to address our concerns rather than face a possible court order, and we applaud them for that. Now it’s up to the other California sheriffs to follow suit or be sued themselves.”

“Ultimately, this case is about making carry license policies consistent with California law,” said Foundation Chairman Gene Hoffman. “We hope that we can accomplish this without suing every California county, but if that’s what it requires, that’s what we are prepared to do.”

My hat is off to honor The Calguns Foundation in winning this important battle in our war to insist California follow the spirit of the Second Amendment.

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