Los Gatos Enacts Draconian Firearms Permit Process

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On Monday, June 17, 2013, the Los Gatos Town Council enacted the most Draconian anti-gun legislation I have seen in quite a while.  The permit process was passed despite a large pro-business and pro-Second Amendment contingent.

550628_321720934612428_1963486074_nFrom the looks of the town council members, they had already made the decision to adopt the new permit process.  This was all brought about by the city council approving Templar Sports to operate in Los Gatos.  Despite a large majority of pro-Second Amendment people, the council adopted the firearms permit process which did not grandfather in Templar Sports.

This new permit process requires any business selling firearms or even just ammunition or ammunition components like reloading supplies such as primers or empty brass to renew the permit every year.  Part of the permit renewal process includes public hearings, which are sure to be emotionally enflamed by a small handful of anti-gun liberals.  The council would likely lean to the extreme left and agree with the anti-gun activists.

The permit process allows for the council to “suspend” the permit for 9 months for just about any whim they may think of.  Unfortunately, a 9-month suspension of the permit would put any store totally out of business, and that is undoubtedly exactly what the Los Gatos Town Council wants.

The Golden State Second Amendment Council would like to thank all of its members who showed their support for Templar Sports at this meeting.  Do not be discouraged as this fight is not over!

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