TSA Backtracks on Allowing Small Knives or Aircraft

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Well the TSA, in their infinite wisdom has decided not to allow small knives, tweezers, scissors, baseball bats and other such objects that are currently on the banned list.

TSA Knives 362210 Steel Frontier Bone

TSA Knives 362210 Steel Frontier Bone

John Pistole (great name for a TSA Administrator) had said he wanted the TSA agents to be concentrating on finding the explosives that can pass through metal detectors without a peep. Does Mr. Pistole now believe he should dilute the TSA agents’ efficiency?

IMHO, the TSA should concentrate on behavior profiling instead of strip-searching grandmothers and babies.  They need to take lessons from the Israelis.

Before 1968, anyone could carry a knife or even a loaded firearm onto an airplane and had been doing it for more than 40 years without a single problem.  After the terrorist hijackings in 1968, our beloved government in their wisdom decided to ban all firearms from being carried onto the aircraft.

This was a totally uninformed, knee-jerk, feel good, stupid decision.  The firearms the terrorists used were fully-automatic weapons that were not carried by the terrorists.  Terrorists managed to get airport jobs and the fully-automatic weapons were brought aboard the aircraft in the food carts!

The government decided to punish the law-abiding American citizen instead of concentrating on the terrorists.

In my research on the TSA I found a company named TSA Knives.  The picture you see is one of the many small knives they sell.  They have a very nice selection of cutlery offerings.  Hopefully, they do not have airline carry as a part of their business plan.

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