Where Is Bloomberg When Lives Are Saved By Guns?

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I recently reported on a home invasion where a youth who is 10 years old defended his family.  What was remarkable about this was the fact it happened in New York City.  Even more noteworthy was this young man disarmed the invader and used the firearm to scare them away.

I have not seen Bloomberg on the TV praising this young man’s heroic actions.  Not that I expected it, but it would be nice if Bloomberg mentioned to the mainstream press, even in passing, that guns used defensively do save lives – even in New York City.  Oh well, time to end the daydream.

Maybe Blomberg is contemplating charging the youth with possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition and discharging a firearm within the New York City limits.  If he does this, you will probably see headlines similar to “10-Year-Old Charged With Multiple Gun Charges” and “Parents Jailed For Permitting Their Son To Pick Up A Firearm.”

I wouldn’t put it passed him.

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