GS2AC Presence at Sunnyvale Council Meeting on Gun and Ammo Control

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Several members of the Golden State Second Amendment Council attended the June 25th meeting of the Sunnyvale City Council.  Item number 2 in the agenda had several gun and ammunition controls to be discussed.

Listed in the minutes of this council meeting were:

Brad Seifers, Vice President, Golden State Second Amendment Council, provided information regarding several books that include statistics on effects on children of violence in video games.

It could be seen by the reactions of the council members that their minds were already made up.  There was no meaningful discussion among the council members and they voted 5 to 2 in favor of putting the four gun control measures on the fall ballot.

The Golden State Second Amendment Council would like to thank Sunnyvale Councilmembers Meyering and Whittum in opposing these measures.

I noticed that several of the people who supported these gun and ammunition measures had prepared slide shows.  i do not know if this has any significant on council members, but it would not hurt our cause to offer solutions instead of emotional rhetoric.

Pro-2A advocates should think about putting together slide shows showing why proposed measures such as these have never worked in reducing crime.  Each slide show should also offer a solution for reducing crime in a specific area.

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