Sunnyvale City Council Sends Five Gun Control Measures to November Balot

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Despite opposition to the gun and ammunition control measures discussed at the Sunnyvale City Council meeting, the City Supervisors voted 5 to 2 and ordered the measures to be placed on the November Ballot.  City Councilmembers Meyering and Whittum showed true common sense and voted against the measures that have been proven ineffective in reducing gun violence.

The GS2AC had a presence at the meeting.

The measures are as follows:

1. No person may keep a firearm within a residence owned or controlled by that person unless the firearm is stored in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock or other safety device, unless the firearm is in the person’s immediate possession and control.

2. Lost or stolen firearms must be reported to the DPS within 48 hours of the time that the owner knows or reasonably should know that a firearm is lost or stolen.

3. Dealers must procure a permit to sell ammunition and must keep a record of ammunition sales that includes name, date, identity of purchaser, and the type, amount, and brand of ammunition purchased.

4. No person may own or possess ammunition magazines that have the capacity to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

5. Firearms dealers must obtain a city-issued permit and cannot operate within 200 feet of a public school.

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One Response to Sunnyvale City Council Sends Five Gun Control Measures to November Balot

  1. Sumi says:

    I’m the guy who “called [you] on the carpet for not dialeng with this issue”. Although that was not my intent, inasmuch as you are something of an iconic figure in the gun-rights community, I did so with only slightly less trepidation than disappointment.To put my comment (only an observation that you had not mentioned the topic since the beginning of the month) into perspective, the point was not that these bills were being introduced in several states, but that they had been introduced in some half-dozen states during the month of February. The theme of the article was that I had searched the internet first for gun-rights organizations who were lobbying against such bills, or even that ANY organization had (a) noted a trend, and/or (b) attempted to identify the gun-control organization which was instrumental in inducing strikingly similar bills to be introduced so often, in such short order.Having found no such national outcry of protest, I surveyed noted pro-gun blogs in hope that well-read and well-regarded bloggers (those with a higher visibility than the lone geek in the wilderness) had identified the upsurge in these attacks.You were mentioned among others who had either not noticed, or had not considered the movement sufficiently significant to be worthy of comment.More recently, I noted that a dozen states — almost a quarter of the states in the nation — had introduced similar bills SINCE 2007.I do apologize, of course, if my sparse comments seemed insulting or impertinent to you.However, I still am waiting for someone with better connections, more resources, a professional interest in anti-gun legislation and/or a wider readership to address the issue.To my further disappointment, nobody seems prepared to pick up the baton.

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