BBQ Gun Winners Announced !!!!

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Saturday August 17th proved to be a wonderfully mild day in Morgan Hill…… the kind of late summer day California is famous for. It was also the day of our annual Mesquite and Skeet BBQ.

Over 200 guests attended this year’s event. Representatives from Davenriche Martial Arts put on several wonderful demonstrations of traditional sword fighting techniques. And our good friends at the Gun Fighters of the Old West were on hand bringing the history and romance of the American West with them….. including a demonstration of that favorite saloon gambling game… Faro. Predators Archery of Gilroy provided hands-on training in bow and arrow shooting for all. And numerous children completed their air gun safety training including prizes for top scores.

And then there was the food!

Master BBQ Chef Mike Varner and his team of cooks, including regulars Stan Hatano, Mike Bowden, Jim Barry , Stan Martinez and others, put together a huge feast of tri-tip, chicken, pork and kielbasa. Everyone got really fat and happy !

20130817_120738But after the activities and the feasting…. came the real fun of the day: The prize drawing winners.

Bucket prize winners walked away with items like custom made Damascus Steel knives, a zombie cross bow defense kit, fine wine, binoculars and much much more.

And FOUR VERY LUCKY PEOPLE came away as winners of firearms ! And for the first time ever…… all of the winners were at the BBQ !!! And two of the winners were first time attendees to the BBQ !

In our kids raffle, Max from Watsonville , won a heritage 22 caliber rifle. This was a century-old designed gun with the most beautiful patina. A real piece of American firearm heritage.

The winner of the FMK 9mm pistol was Erik R who hails from the north bay area. This win was especially sweet for Erik since a number of his friends were not able to show up and Erik still offered to pay for all the BBQ tickets ! ( Ticket number 599290 )

The winner of the M1 Carbine was Rod B. who came all the way up from the south bay area to be with us . This jewel of a rifle will be in the hands of a very grateful winner. ( Ticket number 599250 )

But the biggest winner of the day was clearly the man who came away with the TEMPLAR SPORTS CUSTOM BUILT AR PLATFORM RIFLE ! This was a totally tricked-out gun. It had a Barnes M4 Barrel, Troy guard rail, Palmetto State Armory lower parts kit, M 6 collapsible stock, Mag Pul 10 round magazine and bullet button ready to boot !

As we slowly read off the ticket numbers….. one person after another was eliminated from the competition. But by the time the final number was read out, our winner emerged. Jumping to his feet to claim his prize was our very own Fred H. from the North Bay who was the proud holder of ticket number 599498.

20130817_115057Congratulations Fred, Rod, Erik and Max. !!! And congratulations to all the other winners who enjoyed a gorgeous day in the sun!


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