Los Gatos to Adopt Gun Ordinance Monday August 5

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Los Gatos is continuing to push ahead to prevent any business selling firearms of ammunition from operating within their town by adopting a yearly permit process that may burden businesses like Templar Sports with yearly permit fees of $4,000 or greater.

Templar-Sports-LogoAgenda Item 5 was added at the last minute in an effort to limit public response:

5. Adopt Ordinance adding a new section XII to Chapter 14 to the Town Code titled “Firearms Dealers – Sale of Firearms and Ammunition” to require a permit process for the sale of firearms, ammunition, and/or explosive devices.

This permit process is so restrictive and complicated that the Town Council estimated it would cost $4,000 in city time to process the initial permit application. This new permit is being retroactively applied to Templar Sports, even though their business application was approved by the Town of Los Gatos.

Please send an email to the Los Gatos Town Council members and let them know how you feel. Please be courteous in your email.

Also, plan to attend the meeting on Monday, August 5, at the Los Gatos Town Council Chambers at 110 East Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030. The meeting starts at 7 PM, so show up early to ensure getting a seat in the main chamber.

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