Final Vote on Sunnyvale Measure C Is Tuesday Evening 9/24 – Call Now

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The Sunnyvale City Council is set to approve sending Measure C, a group of gun control laws to the general election in November.  Help stop this council end run around the standard signature requirements to get items presented to the voters in the general election.

Please call the Mayor and City Council members before 5 PM today and urge them not to support Measure C.

We understand that the Sunnyvale City Council did not have the number of signatures to put this measure on the ballot.  There is little support for these draconian measures and even the Facebook page for Yes on Measure C has only 60 likes.

Our friend Mike Schrader from GunShot News put this info together:

Please Contact Sunnyvale Mayor & City Council before 5 pm Tue 09-24

Demand They DO NOT endorse Gun Control Measure C

456 W. Olive Ave., P.O. Box 3707, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3707

Phone: (408) 730-7473 and 730-7500, Fax: (408) 730-7699

Email by form:

Individual Contact email addresses:

Mayor Spitaleri (Ring Leader):

Council Members Voting for Gun Control Measure:

Jim Davis (Co Author):

Christopher Moylan:

Jim Griffith:

Pat Meyering: not listed

Tara Martin-Milius:

Ask Them to Reconsider and Save the taxpayer’s money

The One Council Member Voting with Gun Owner’s rights:

David Whittum:

Thank him and ask him to continue to stand with us

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