Los Gatos Holds Hearings to Further Restrict Firearms Usage and Sales – Monday, September 16

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The Los Gatos Town Council is holding a hearing to adopt three restrictions on firearms.  This Town Council Meeting will be held this Monday, September 16, 2013 at 7 PM.

The meeting starts at 7 pm at the Los Gatos Town Council Chambers at 110 East Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030.  Show up early to get a seat in the front row.

They want to repeal the Town Code “that allows the discharging of firearms on private property.”  This can result in a Los Gatos resident being arrested for defending themselves or family in their home.  Besides eliminating gun ranges, this will also prevent the test firing of firearms within the town of Los Gatos.

The Town Council is also planning to change property zoning that may outlaw home dealerships and possibly outlawing the sales of ammunition and firearms through zoning changes.

They also want to establish a fee for a yearly firearms dealer permit.

9.            Zoning Code Amendment A-13-01. Firearm Regulation. Applicant: Town of Los Gatos

a.        Introduce ordinance adopting amendments to Chapter 29 (Zoning Regulations) of the Town Code regarding the (1) retail sales of firearms, ammunition and/or destructive devices, (2) home occupation permits, and (3) duties of the Planning Commission and Town Council

b.        Introduce Ordinance repealing the portion of Town Code Section 18.70.015 that allows the discharging of firearms on private property

c.         Adopt a resolution establishing a fee for the firearms dealer permit

Los Gatos Town Council Chambers at 110 East Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030. The meeting starts at 7 PM, so show up early to ensure getting a seat in the main chamber.

In the 108-page document, the following sections are very unsettling and these are just a touch of what is in this document.:

On Page 5:

“(5) A business engaged in the retail sales firearms and/or destructive devices shall cease ___days (or years) from the date it becomes nonconforming.”

It is possible that a zoning change could put a firearms shop out of business within days/years of such change.  There is no number assigned to this section, so it appears to be at the whim of the Town Council.  It appears that in the past the Town of Los Gator shut down an existing junkyard within 90 days of a zoning change in the past.

On Page 17:

“d) The deciding body, on the basis of the evidence submitted at the hearing, may deny a conditional use permit for new retail sales of firearms, ammunition and / or destructive devices if it finds any of the following:

1) The proposed use is not in harmony with specific provisions or objectives of the general plan and the purposes of this chapter;

2) The proposed use will detract from the existing balance and diversity of businesses in the industrial district in which the use is proposed to be located; and

3) The proposed use does not comply with the location requirements as contained in section 29.70.100.”

Section 2 could easily be used to shut down any business selling firearms.

On page 19, the Town Council has been added to the list of approvals for “conditional use permits for establishments selling alcoholic beverages for on premises consumption and for retail sales of firearms, ammunition and/ or destructive devices.”

Page 12 adds more changes to make it easier to terminate a business selling firearms and also a home business.

Page 43 is a rebuttal that shows the Los Gatos Town Council deliberately lied about facts.  i.e. While the comments were divided..” Untrue — approximately 60 – 70 per cent of the comments were pro – Templar Sports.



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