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Help Defeat Sunnyvale Measure C Anti-Gun Laws

This is your last chance to help defeat Sunnyvale’s Measure C which would make just about every gun owner in Sunnyvale a lawbreaker.  The vote is this coming Tuesday, November 5, 2013. Even if you do not live in Sunnyvale, … Continue reading

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Proof the United Nations Has Been Working for Over 50 Years to Grab Guns in the United States

The United Nations has been aiming to disarm the citizens in the United States since 1961.  For over 50 years, they have been plotting to do this, as they have already done in some other countries. When they have succeeded … Continue reading

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October GS2AC MEETING ! Thursday… Halloween night ! 2013

If you want to be scared on Halloween… have we got something for you. Brian Aitken:  thrown in jail for legally transporting legal arms in New Jersey. One gun-crazy judge bankrupted him, threw him in jail as a felon and … Continue reading

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2013 California Firearms-Related Legislation: End of Session Report

The Attorneys at Michel & Associates, P.C. have issued a good recap of the 2013 California Legislative session.  As you have probably heard, Governor Brown signed several pieces of gun control legislation.  He also vetoed several others. Memorandum from Michel … Continue reading

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Governor Brown Signs and Vetoes Gun Laws

Governor Brown signed into law several bills, such as AB 711 making it illegal to hunt with lead ammunition.  An amendment allows for the use of lead ammunition in case the non-lead ammunition is deemed armor-piercing. AB 48 bans repair … Continue reading

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