Help Defeat Sunnyvale Measure C Anti-Gun Laws

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This is your last chance to help defeat Sunnyvale’s Measure C which would make just about every gun owner in Sunnyvale a lawbreaker.  The vote is this coming Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

Even if you do not live in Sunnyvale, please talk to people in Sunnyvale and encourage them to vote against Measure C.  Some of Sunnyvale’s supervisors have been talking to the supervisors in Mountain View to adopt a similar set of laws.

Thanks to Brad for sending this well-written notice:

Sunnyvale Voter Alert!

Vote NO on Measure C

Measure C would:
  • Ban the possession and ownership of standard capacity (> 10 round) magazines. NO GRANDFATHERING!
  • Require ammunition registration. If you buy ammo in Sunnyvale, you’ll have to provide personal information INCLUDING a thumbprint!
  • Requires safe storage of all your firearms unless they’re physically on your body. So if you’re at the wrong end of the house, or even asleep, LOCK THEM UP!
  • Must report lost and stolen guns within two days of when you “should have known” they were missing. Apparently the city thinks you’re so foolish that you wouldn’t just do that anyway.
Vote NO on Measure C
There are MANY reasons to vote NO! on this measure. See this website for detailed arguments:
Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!
Get out and vote on November 5. Get all your Sunnyvale friends to vote. Get all your Sunnyvale business contacts to vote. AND GET THEM TO VOTE NO ON MEASURE C!!
Not in Sunnyvale? WE NEED YOU TOO!
The gun grabbers are spending tens of thousands of dollars to push this ballot measure through. Sunnyvale is just their first attempt. THEY WILL BE IN YOUR CITY NEXT! So reach out to EVERY contact you have in Sunnyvale AND GET THEM TO VOTE NO ON MEASURE C!
Until now we’ve been able to back cities off these ordinances through pre-litigation letters. But if enacted by a ballot measure, cities governments CAN’T BACK DOWN. These ordinances WILL have to be litigated at great cost to EVERYONE. It’s far less expensive to beat them at the ballot box!
Vote NO on Measure C
Get your FRIENDS to Vote NO on Measure C even if they don’t own guns!!
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