End of Year Meeting….. Garand Winner Announced!

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If you missed out on our end of year meeting you missed out on a great meeting !

Our hosted bar featured a wide variety of beers and top wines. And based on the comments from our bartendress… people loved the free selections!

Our featured guest speaker was San Jose City Councilman and former SJ PD Police Officer Pete Constant. If you ever wanted to hear first hand about how the battle was won to save San Jose from bankruptcy, Pete gave us all the inside information on how it was done….. and how narrow the victory was. In addition he talked about how the County government was pressuring San Jose to adopt anti gun ordinances….. and how they were rebuffed !

Pete also filled us in on his future plans……… and his need for our help to make him the first 2A Mayor in San Jose in a long… long time.

To sign up to help …and to give him your endorsement…. go to: http://www.peteconstant.com/

And once Pete finished his speech we moved right into the raffle prize drawing. Top prizes included a huge wine and chocolate lovers picnic basket, a custom made Damascus steel knife, a Zombie bug out kit including a cross bow and “zombie bait”… and much, much more.

But the big winner of the night was the person who won the M 1 Garand. After reading off the first 4 numbers there were still about a dozen people with a chance to win. And with the reading of the final number, the winner of the Garand was a man who never shoots anything except 22LR!

Congratulations to Bob S. of San Jose…. Winner of the CMP M1 Garand.

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